How Artificial Intelligence Affect Home Automation

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Artificial intelligence is no longer a scenario that is likely to happen in the future. It is already part of our daily lives, due to the rapid advancement of modern day technology. In fact, this was something that always fascinated researchers and scientists, and they did not let go of this idea until they actually made it part of our reality. You probably already use artificial intelligence or AI without even realizing. Do you own an iPhone? Or maybe you have a Netflix account for your entertainment? Well, both of these situations involve the use of AI. Apple created Siri, the trustworthy assistant that makes every task easier. It is enough just to say the words, like “call father”, and Siri will set your mobile phone to do that particular task.

Netflix reacts in a similar manner, using AI to gather information about the TV shows you enjoy watching the most. With the data gathered from its users, Netflix manages to create brand new shows that answer to the preferences and requirements of its clients, increasing its popularity even more. But these are only mere examples of what AI can do. In present days, more and more devices are released that are equipped with AI, created to serve a wide range of purposes, including home automation and home security. Practically, your house will be able to take decisions based on a set of information provided by AI devices, creating a safer and more comfortable environment for you and your family. Of course, these decisions will be based on your personal preferences or they can be based on a set of parameters that are considered as ideal.

Let us take a look at home automation with the help of artificial intelligence. The purpose of technology is to diminish the number of tasks a person does on an everyday basis, like turning the lights on and off, setting the thermostat, turning on the washing machine, and so on. Soon, all the devices within a household will be able to do all these tasks alone, without you interfering at all. You will still be able to control these aspects if desired, with the help of a mobile device like your smartphone, so these processes will not be entirely out of your hands. At the moment the lights and the thermostat can be controlled with the help of AI, through what is called geofencing technology. How does it know when is the right moment to do it? This technology creates a virtual barrier to decide when you are close to home. Once AI senses your smartphone passing this barrier, it will know that it is time to act. But things are not going to stop here, the aim being to control lights, as an example, by analyzing gestures or movements captured with the help of IP cameras placed at home or through voice commands.

Alexa, an AI technology created by Amazon, is another amazing breakthrough in this particular domain that influences home automation in a great deal. Alexa appeared as a trustworthy personal assistance that is located in the cloud and listens to everything you have to say. But its “brain” can be easily incorporated into a set of devices equipped with a microphone and speakers, facilitating communication between humans and machines. What Alexa does in the cloud can be easily available in your own home. And because Alexa is AI, embodying it in various technologies will make it learn new tasks, so don’t be surprised if Alexa will be able to read the news for you or adjust your home’s thermostat based on your preferences. The wonder of using AI technology is that it can constantly learn new things by gathering data and analyzing patterns, having the ability to learn what you like and dislike and answer to a wide range of requests.

Home security is another domain that benefits from the development of AI. Facebook already uses this kind of technology allowing you to tag friends through facial recognition. Just imagine how this could benefit the security system you use at home. You’ll practically be able to see who visited you, when a particular person arrived and when the person left so that no detail escapes a security system that is more vigilant than ever. There already are smartphones that can make the difference between a cat and a tree by simply showing them in photos, so AI used together with security cameras could be able to say whether a person is an unwanted intruder or just a visitor. But things can go further than just recognizing faces. A security system that uses AI can easily learn the routine of the entire family, managing to notice if and when something out of the ordinary happens. This could reduce the number of false alarms in the case of families that travel often or are accustomed to having many visitors. Not to mention that AI security systems will give homeowners some peace of mind, as they never need time to rest, always being on the watch. If you want to try out the new smart gadgets that are available for homeowners, all you need to do is find the ones that suit your lifestyle best.

So, artificial intelligence impacts home automation and home security in a positive manner. Are there any risks associated with using AI in your home? Many people are afraid of  that, due to the fact that AI security cameras are always watching and devices like Alexa are always listening, could turn into security breaches that allow hackers to enter their homes uninvited. While this new technology is exciting and very promising, it is highly important to opt only for technology provided by reliable and trustworthy companies. A mere malfunction in an AI security system, for example, may allow the wrong people into your home. Having all these in mind you should not rush into making a decision. Do some research, read reviews, and choose to work with reputable installers of this kind of technology, to make sure that the safety of your home and family won’t be compromised.

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