Do you really need a real estate agent to BUY your condo in Vancouver?

Written by Posted On Friday, 08 September 2017 10:03
Do you really need a real estate agent to BUY your condo in Vancouver? Do you really need a real estate agent to BUY your condo in Vancouver?

Buying a condo in Vancouver can be a lot of fun. Between choosing which “best view” of the city you wish to opt for, sifting through the vast amenities each condo development offers, and deciding on hardwood floor colours, the choices are as seemingly endless as the epic views!

So allow me to share with you why you will most likely prefer to have a real estate agent to help you buy your condo in Vancouver…

Condos Sell Quickly in Vancouver

Real estate sells quickly on the Vancouver market, so having an agent who can go to bat for you to purchase your must have condo, plays an important part in ensuring your desired home is secured. Losing out to the Jones’s because they were one step ahead with their offer - thanks to their agent - is nothing short of a heartache. So if you are going to go a-house-huntin’ …take a qualified local realtor along to help secure your home.

Oops – You Just Overpaid to the SELLING Realtor

Even though you might conduct all the footwork to painstakingly go through each Vancouver condo listing, in the end you will still need to seek out the sellers agent to show you the home. Not hiring a realtor who works for YOU (the buyer), simply means you will be paying someone who is works for “them” (the seller).

Real Estate Heartache is a Real Thing

If you have made your dream home list and checked it twice, it is quite likely the condos you set out to see are narrowed down to one of a select few you intend (ideally) to buy. But did you know that you can only buy your dream condo based on your approved mortgage amount? Checking off all the boxes, only to discover you missed one and have lost your dream condo because of it – is, or will be heartbreaking!

There are truly a multitude of factors one needs to look into before actually purchasing a home, factors that a real estate agent can help you map your way through, without coming up against time-consuming roadblocks, dealing with agents who aren’t truly working for you, and having to withstand the heartache based simply on not knowing all the parameters of purchasing a Vancouver condo that fits your budget from the onset.

Don’t lose your dream condo to a DIY solo mission in home buying, allow me to help you acquire your dream condo with ease, comfort and assuredness!

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