A Comprehensive Guide On Reed Diffusers

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If you've never used - or never heard of - reed diffusers, your life's about to start smelling a whole lot sweeter. Reed diffusers allow you to add scent to any space, but unlike candles, there is no open flame so they don't require constant attention.

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How Reed Diffusers Work

The porous reeds soak up scented oil and then slowly and evenly release that fragrance into the air. The reeds will last as long as the oil does, only needing to be replaced when the oil has completely evaporated - and this can take up to a year, making reed diffusers an excellent long-term home scent option.

Reed Diffuser Set Up

The way you'll set up a reed diffuser depends on how the oil and diffusers are packaged. If the oil comes ready in the diffuser vase, then just remove the top and put in the reeds. If the oil has come in a separate bottle, then add three to four ounces of your scented oil to the diffuser vase and then insert the reeds. Add more as the oil evaporates.

Be sure to store the bottle of remaining oil in a dry, cool, dark space.

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Where to Put Your Reed Diffusers

Unlike like scented sprays, reed diffusers offer long-lasting fragrance to a space, meaning they are a great option for an area where you want a continual and subtle hint of fragrance. And subtle is the operative word here.

While candles and scented wax warmers will often smell up an entire room, diffusers don’t overpower a space with scent. They are more like a bouquet of flowers: you will enjoy a whiff of scent as you walk by, but it won’t follow you around the house. This makes diffusers much more appropriate for people with scent sensitivities. It also means that diffusers are ideally placed in entrance ways, since guests will be greeted by the welcoming fragrance as the enter a space.

Another great place to put a reed diffuser is in small spaces, like closets or bathrooms. Since the release of scent isn’t too powerful, it can comfortably settle into the space without seeming aggressive.

Just keep in mind that the bigger the diffuser, the bigger the scent, so choose your diffuser with the size of the room in mind. Also be sure to choose a lighter scent for smaller space, like something fresh and natural. Heavy scents are better suited to bigger areas, where the fragrance has more room to maneuver.

Reed Diffuser Tips:

Place a coaster under the diffuser if the vase is on wood or an other sensitive surface. If the oil drips, it can cause damage.
Flip the reeds every few days to renew the fragrance. To avoid damage caused by dripping, do this over a sink. You can flip every day, but bear in mind the more you flip, the more oil will evaporate, so you’ll go through it more quickly.
When it’s time to change the oil, it’s time to change the reeds. They will become overly saturated and dusty with time, which means they won’t work as effectively.
Always buy top quality reeds for optimal diffusing and longevity.

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