10 of the Biggest Home Design Mistakes to Avoid

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Avoiding the most common design mistakes may not be as easy as most think, because even beautiful homes are guilty of one or a few. While styling one’s home is one’s prerogative, it is best to steer away from common design mistakes to ensure a professionally styled look. The following are what to avoid and what can be done instead.

Don’t Settle for Just A Good Paint Colour

Home Design Mistakes

The paint colour has the biggest impact out of everything and anything  else you do or put to a room. It would be best to go for a neutral with a warm undertone; or go for better than best and consult a pro.

Refrain from Matching Everything

Home Design Mistakes2

Its one thing for a room to look put together, and another to make it look like you’re trying too hard. Simply use a unifying element instead of matching everything. That’s how you get a collected look.

Keep the Furniture Away from the Walls

Home Design Mistakes3

Unless you do not have enough space, refrain from pushing furniture against the wall. Give breathing space between furniture groupings and the wall to facilitate conversation for gatherings.

Don’t Save Money by Sacrificing Lighting

Home Design Mistakes4

Lighting has the second biggest impact on any house or room. Make sure you use fixtures of the right size and can provide the right level of illumination to a room. You’ll want your lighting to help dress the room and assert your style.

Don’t Avoid Layering

Home Design Mistakes5

Layering is key for a professional look, but layering in design isn’t the same as layering in clothes. For design, you will want to pick a design element and use that again and again but stop right before it becomes too matchy-matchy. If in doubt, remember that less is more when it comes to design.

Don’t Get a Too Small Rug

Home Design Mistakes6

The size of the area rug defines specific areas in a room. Buy one that is large enough to go under the front legs of the furniture group you want the rug under of.

Stay Away from Small Throw Pillows

Home Design Mistakes7

Big or oversized throw pillows are what you want for a plush and elegant look. Stay away from small throw pillows that came with your furniture and choose ones that are a bit bigger than your cover. That’s a designer secret.

Don’t Block Rooms

Home Design Mistakes8

Visual flow is very important in design. The last thing you would want is to isolate a room by making it look like it is not part of the house. Choose design pieces that link one room to the next. This can be a repeat of colouror pattern such as the use of stripes or florals.

Don’t Be Afraid of Showcasing Details

Home Design Mistakes9

Details are what makes each piece of furniture and décor unique. Flaunt the exposed nailheads, inlaid floors, and custom accessories. Details really add that special touch and depth of character.

Don’t Go Cheap on Drapery

Home Design Mistakes10

Go for drapes that are at least two and a half of three times wider than the window. That’s how you achieve a rich and cozy plush look that radiates warmth.

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