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How to Update Your Garden to Increase Property Value

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 04 October 2017 05:57

For many people seeking to sell their homes, making changes indoors is of paramount importance to help bring up the value of their home. However, have you ever considered that the exterior of your home can also have an impact on its value? 

A home could be 5 stars within, but a poorly landscaped or otherwise lacking garden could make it a no-go for many buyers. Before you consider selling your property, you should consider making sure that your landscaping is sale ready. 

There are a few simple and cost-effective ways for you to achieve this. 


If you are not an avid gardener then this step may seem scary, but it doesn't have to be! Adding colour to your garden space through a number of beautiful flowers does not have to be much work at all. At least, not buying them at the store and placing them attractively in your garden space. 

In the same way, you should aim to remove as many weeds from the space as humanly possible. They may be a natural element, but they can give the space a rundown and unloved feeling. A weed every now and then isn't a sin, but it can be a huge blemish in the eyes of potential buyers. So, de-weed before any potential showings! 


The social aspect of a garden should not be disregarded in your landscaping efforts. Many people consider a garden to be the height of their communal space during the warmer months, so having an adequate area in which to host these gatherings is paramount. Creating a seating area for your garden prior to selling can help to highlight the social potential of the space for prospective buyers. 

Some wicker conservatory furniture can help your garden to appear natural and comfortable. Whilst giving potential buyers a setting to imagine themselves in, the more comfortable the furniture the more likely they will see themselves sat there in the future. 


It doesn't have to be the fairy lights of your neighbour's space, but lighting can make a huge difference when it comes to giving your garden a friendly glow. Of course, many house viewings will take place during the day - but, it can help to showcase the potential of the space. 

Try a few strings of festoon lighting for a modern look, preferably situated along the edges of your seating area for maximum effect. Modern and bright, it's a winner for many homes. 


Sometimes, simply cutting your grass regularly and keeping a neat appearance can be a new way to breathe life into your garden space. A scruffy lawn can make a garden space feel uncared for or abandoned, which is the exact opposite of the look you want to give to potential buyers. Mow the lawn just before peak viewing times - it will make

Mow the lawn just before peak viewing times - it will make the lawn look neater and give a fresh cut smell. A garden's version of baking bread to making it as appealing as possible (for any viewer who isn't prone to hayfever, at least). 


And there you have it! Four ways that you can improve your garden for a better or even quicker sale, it could also have the potential to significantly increase the price of your home the more you do to your garden! 

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