6 Home Selling Tips that can ensure you don’t turn buyers off

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 11 October 2017 10:59
Home Selling Tips that can ensure you don’t turn buyers off Home Selling Tips that can ensure you don’t turn buyers off

Buyers notice EVERYTHING when walking through a home. I mean everything. That’s why they are there. They want to take a good look at your home and determine whether or not it’s worth the asking price. And whether or not it’s worth the trouble. So when you’re asking yourself “how can I sell my house?” consider these six common buyer turn offs:

  1. Odor The average homeowner will become desensitized to the odors of their home. This is due to the fact that they have probably lived in the home for a long time and simply become used to the way things smell. This is particularly true of pet owners and smokers. Unfortunately, home buyers do notice when a home has an unusual odor. No homeowner wants to worry about buying a house that has a permanent “smell” they can’t get rid of.

  1. Carpet and flooring Flooring is one of the most visible areas of a home. Buyers will notice cracked tiles or a worn, dirty carpet. Make sure to walk through your home yourself and spot any repairs that need to be made. Consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner or replacing the carpet completely if it is old.

  1. Paint and Walls Paint is one of the least expensive ways to “spruce-up” your home. Check all walls for chips, scratches, holes, etc. Consider completely repainting the outside trim, interior walls and doors. This will make your home appear newer and cleaner.

 Get a Fresh Paint

  1. Get Rid of Clutter – Too much junk or clutter is a huge turn off for buyers. Just because it makes you feel at home doesn’t mean it will make a buyer feel the same way.

 Get Rid Of the Clutter

Signs of mice, roaches, spiders or bees – If you have any pests in your home, at all, contact a pest control company to have them eliminated immediately. You don’t want to take a chance and risk a potential buyer finding out your home has pest issues. This could end a deal before it even starts.

DIY tips to avoid pest control


Poor Landscaping If your landscaping is messy, overgrown, or looks cluttered in any way, you need to fix it right away. Investing in landscaping prior to putting your house on the market would be a wise move that will attract buyers. If you are unsure about your landscaping, ask a real estate agent for their opinion. Also review similar homes in your area, compare your landscaping to theirs. Make sure yours is among the best.

 Landscaping is the first impression for home buyers

Buyers make positive or negative conclusions about your home within the first 5 minutes. Don’t underestimate the buyer and risk losing a battle before it’s started.

Agents certified by AdvantageU – Home Sellers Resource will be able to identify any potential turn offs that could exist in your home. Addressing those areas will ensure that buyers make a positive conclusion and fall in love with your home at first site.

For now, please feel free to download a copy of the Ultimate Home Sellers Checklist. visit https://advantageu.com/ultimate-checklist/index

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