6 Ways to Protect your Company's Carpets & Increase their Lifespan

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Despite the popularity of hard wood, concrete, and tile flooring, carpets remain trusted floor covering to millions of people worldwide. Many office managers love carpets because of the classy feel and executive outlook that professionally-crafted floor mats create. A rug with picturesque patterns, colors, and styles can enhance the comfort of your company offices, boardroom, or suites.


Some company managers think that carpets cannot last several decades, a belief that is untrue. You can protect your carpets and increase their lifespan in several ways.


Floor Mat Cleaning Frequency


Regular carpet cleaning prolongs the lifespan of your mats. Carpet soiling can occur because of the airborne dust and the dirt coming from the feet of the employees and clients. The tiny dirt particles will wear out the carpet fibers. It can be doom for your lovely mats if the small dirt particles mix with the atmospheric moisture.


Luckily, commercial carpet cleaners using vacuuming equipment have the means to remove the deeply-embedded soil particles and also dry the mat completely. A clean, stain-free, and dry mat lasts longer. Your company should seek the services below regularly.


• Deep-cleaning carpet-care not necessarily when your mats look visibly soiled but at scheduled intervals.


Use carpet steam cleaner to eliminate the harmful bacteria and dust deeply trapped within the mat fibers. The buildup of bacteria and dirt leads to not only an unsanitary workplace but a coarse effect that eventfully results in the premature color fading and carpet wear-and-tear.


• Professional commercial maintenance to complement the efforts of the internal staff.


The regular carpet maintenance can help to protect the pricey company asset and also prevent costly or unbudgeted financial expenses. Further, a sparklingly clean mat is an image boost to your firm.


Routine Vacuuming to Eliminate Contaminants


Vacuuming techniques will improve the carpet appearance and eliminate the lingering dust, stains, and spots too. Using advanced tools, commercial carpet cleaners effectively remove stains and treat mats to prevent permanent damage to your assets.


Vacuuming can also keep the mat free of contaminants and allergens to safeguard the health the health of the building’s occupants. You should have frequent vacuuming, preferably two to four times a week, along the high-traffic areas to reach the dirt sticking in the mat fabric. A vacuum cleaning machine that suctions the grit and small debris that settles deep inside the carpeting tufts is a necessity.


Hot Water Extraction


Hot water extraction coupled with steam cleaning as a quarterly or semi-annual exercise depending on the foot traffic in your company premises helps a great deal. Many carpet manufacturers recommend the hot water extraction and steam carpet cleaning. It will do you good to check the cleaning and washing parameters the seller sets for your particular carpet.


Stain and Soil Protection


Many carpet manufacturers provide carpet tiles that protect floor mats from staining or soiling. The special tiles treat the carpet and make it possible to repel dirt. You also need to choose a carpet design, and the material less affected by stains or soil.


Attend to the Main Carpet Walkways


• A cleaning plan that specifically addresses the specific needs of your carpet and the place you locate the mat will contribute to the durability of the item.


• Identify the main high-traffic areas.


• Mostly, the main-walkways, first floor carpeted corridors, reception rooms, and industrial areas receive the most dirt.


• Your clients will frequent the entrances and the exits.


• Choose high-density carpets for the places surrounding the elevators or escalators.


Raking before the Carpet Steam Cleaning Process


Buying a rake, broom-like mat grooming too before the carpet steam cleaning and vacuuming will scrape off soil that destroys carpet fibers. Clean indoor air quality is another factor that increases the carpet lifespan. Fresh, dirt-free mats smell good and improve your health too.

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