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The closet is the usually most difficult to organize and keep organized part of the home. Having piles of stacked shoes, clothes on the floor, and disorganized overburdened clothing rods are often common sights. How can you achieve your dream closet then and be free of such afflictions? We’ve compiled some expert closet solutions below so you can have your dream closet within reach.

A Separate Man Closet

Luxury Closet Ideas

Having his and hers closets is one step towards keeping order and avoiding chaos. For a masculine closet, go for dark woods with plenty of racks for shoes and pegs for ties, scarves, and hats.

Have A Dresser Island

Luxury Closet Ideas2

If you have space, have a dresser island. It will help you ohave a place to put things on when you have new closet additions and make your life easier when you are getting ready in the morning. Top it with marble and have plenty of cabinets below for storage.

Install Shoe Cubbies

Luxury Closet Ideas3

Shoe cubbies are popular for a reason, and that is because they help keep things organized while making the closet look a lot better and function nicer. Cubbies should be about 8 inches tall and 9 inches wide for maximum function.

Add Purse Hooks

Luxury Closet Ideas4

Hook rails and purse stands make choosing a bag for the day a breeze. Sturdy wall-mounted coat racks are a good alternative if a standalone unit won’t fit your space.

Makeup Vanity

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Why fight over the bathroom mirror when you can install a makeup vanity that can double as a jewelry and beauty supplies storage as well? This would be a great way to use a dark corner of the closet and make it a functional thing of beauty.

Include a Pullout Ironing Board

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This is utterly underrated but probably the most useful in this list. Imagine the convenience of having an ironing board that can easily be stored right in your closet.

Pant Rack

Luxury Closet Ideas7

Pullout pant racks are not only nice to look at, they save quite a lot of space too. Be sure to add extra traction to the racks so pants won’t fall off

A Cabinet for Jewelry

Luxury Closet Ideas8

If you love collecting jewelry and small accessories, then a customized cabinet for jewelry is a must-have. Pick what lining you like, the wood you like, and whether you want it to be lockable or not.

Go for Drawer Dividers

Luxury Closet Ideas9

Drawer dividers are a must, more so for a woman’s closet. No more jumbled drawers with this simple solution!

Have a Built-In Hamper

Luxury Closet Ideas10

A built-in hamper with transportable mesh bags would be more useful than it looks. It will stop you from leaving your clothes on the floor too! Choose Glass Cabinets

If space is a premium in your closet, glass cabinets would let you see what is inside without having to open cabinets.

Install a Tie Rack

Luxury Closet Ideas11

A tie rack and double as a rack for other small things, so having one built will serve a purpose whether there is a man in the house or not. It also adds a touch of class in the home and can be built as lavish or as simple as you want.

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