Give Your Porch a Summer to Fall Makeover!

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Fall is nearly in full swing! If you haven’t already, now is the time make your porch more fall-friendly by switching things up. Just because the cold months are approaching does not mean that you should stop enjoying your porch. Below are our 8 tips to give your summer porch a fall makeover!

Bring Out the Candles

Fall Porch Ideas

Candles bring the cozy in terms of ambiance. A cluster of candles both big and small can also simulate the look and feel of having an outdoor fireplace. Place your candles on a metal tray for safety. They not only look good but can make you look good too! Candlelight is very flattering! Not a fan of real candles? Try battery operated ones.

Warm Things Up With Quilts

Fall Porch Ideas2

Thick quilts to drape over porch furniture would be great for those with an enclosed porch. Pick the patterns and colors to complement your existing furniture and to feature the attractive hues of fall.

Try Wool Blankets

Fall Porch Ideas3

Wool blankets folded neatly and placed on top of lounge chairs look warm and cozy. They’ll keep you warm when you choose to lounge too. Go for plaid to keep with the fall look.

Decorate with Pumpkins

Fall Porch Ideas4

Do you know that you can make things look classy even when decorating with pumpkins? Try to pick ones in subtle hues. Pumpkins come in pale orange, soft yellow, white, and silvery green. They subtly whisper fall without overwhelming with just orange.

Hang a Hammock

Fall Porch Ideas5

You can rock a hammock on your porch during fall by boosting its coziness factor with a bunch of soft pillows. Don’t forget to lounge on your hammock with hot cider or any warm drink! Watch the leaves turn to orange and reds right from your porch and happily swinging on your hammock.

Upgrade Your Evening Lighting

Fall Porch Ideas6

Good evening lighting will allow you to keep enjoying your porch as the days turn shorter and the evenings go darker. Better if you can have lights with a dimmer switch so you can make things cozier when you want to. Good porch lighting is also key in home security.

Welcome Luxury

Fall Porch Ideas7

The clever use of throws and your choice of flowers will ensure that you’ll have enough dose of colours without overwhelming with oranges and reds. Plum pillows and white or green orchids won’t take away from the fall vibe. Decorating with them is surprisingly easy too!

Use Your Outdoor Fireplace

Fall Porch Ideas8

If you’re not lucky enough to have one, refer back to our first tip; but if you do have one, then be sure to make use of it. Just take the time to have it cleaned first before lighting for the first time this year. You won’t want buildup from previous use and debris to mess up a perfect fall experience.

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