5 Ways Chatbots can Help Real Estate Agents Run a Succesful Business

Written by Posted On Monday, 23 October 2017 05:38

Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular every single year. This is due to them becoming widely available to all types of companies. Plus, they are easy to use. It is now possible to utilize them for different purposes, but their primary purpose involves improving customer satisfaction.

One of the industries in which chatbots can be of great help includes real estate. Let’s take a look at the benefits that chatbot can bring to a real estate agent.

Generating more leads

Every serious real estate agent has their own website. With the right blogging strategy, it is a remarkable way of attracting new potential customers to their business. Not all the necessary information, however, can be included on the website. There are times when people want to ask some additional questions but have no-one to turn to.

By implementing a chatbot, this issue can be addressed directly. A chatbot is a perfect way of providing additional information to the customer. The more developed the chatbot is, the better the communication with clients. By taking this step, you will be opening multiple channels of communication, including social media and email.

Better customer service

No matter what business you are in, customer service is of great importance. In the real estate industry, it directly affects how many people are going to recommend you to a friend. With this in mind, the implementation of a chatbot software becomes a logical choice.

No matter at which part of the day someone decides to get in touch with you, they will get a response and they will receive all the crucial information they need. This is not something all real estate agents provide to their customers. This will become noticed and you will immediately become more competitive.

Being competitive is always good and this is precisely what the implementation of a chatbot will provide for you.

Easy-going schedule

No matter how passionate you are about your business, being on the phone and by a computer for a whole day will wear you out sooner or later. When chatbot software comes into play, however, you will literally start feeling like you have hired a personal assistant that collects and delivers all the most important information about every client.

It becomes the first line of defense from clients who are only asking routine questions and are not really interested in making a purchase in the near future. What does this all mean? Well, you are going to be able to make appointments with customers who are already well informed about what you have on sale. Furthermore, you can expect to receive less calls from potential clients who only want to get particular types of information; your chatbot will have already delivered it to them.

Lower costs

When a real estate agency grows, it becomes necessary to hire more people to handle a higher number of customers. This can significantly increase the overall costs.

On the other hand, there are chatbot software tools which are free, such as those provided by SnatchBot. The chatbot will save you the financial costs of hiring people to answer basic queries, emails and queries through social media platforms. Obviously, big business are moving in this direction, so In India, a chatbot for HDFC Bank has answered 2.7 million questions in six months. This represents an enormous saving for the bank. But the same benefits can apply to small businesses too.

Communication through various channels

Another positive about deploying chatbot technology lies in the possibility of connecting it with various communication channels. What does this mean? Well, every serious real estate agent is going to have a website, social media presence, and a valid email. A chatbot can be easily set up to work on all of these communication channels.

This ensures that, no matter where you customer is coming from, they are going to be able to collect information. And with more and more customers prefering to stay within chat channels than surf the internet, this feature is crucial to meeting them in there own space.

As you can see, a real estate agent can greatly benefit from a software tool such as a chatbot. It is a perfect shift towards a better customer service, a higher number of customers, better workflow, and lower overall costs.

If you want to turn your real estate business into a complete success, consider using a chatbot in your business; it will allow you to grow at a faster pace over time.


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