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The science fiction world of the fictional Jetsons is now part of everyday life in the 21st century thanks to home automation. Home automation – also called "domotics" – refers to building automation for a home using smart technology. Homeowners literally hold day-to-day chores in the palm of their hand as they control functions in their home through their mobile device.

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Homeowners can employ domotics in numerous ways, from adjusting lighting and heating controls to activating home appliances and enjoying home entertainment opportunities. The field of domotics involves remotely monitoring and controlling these elements via the Internet.

Home automation is an evolving field in which switches and sensors are connected to a central gateway, called a "hub." A user interface interacts with mobile phone software, a tablet, a wall-mounted terminal or a web interface. Sometimes this is accomplished via Internet Cloud services while at other times it is facilitated through software.

Advantages of Domotics

Domotics allow you to control household functions from anywhere at any time. You can adjust temperatures, set your security system, turn lights on and off, adjust your oven and lock the doors with the click of your finger.

Some advantages of home automation include:

  1. Safety with Appliances – by activating small appliances and lighting through domotics, you increase the security of your home. You can always check to make sure that your daughter turned off her curling iron or your son hasn't turned left the oven on after heating up midnight leftovers. When you're traveling you can set the lights to go on and off at pre-determined times and make sure that the garage door is open for you when you return. 


  1. Safety concerns are also addressed by home automated leak detection, smoke and CO detectors Even if the homeowner is not at home the system will alert the homeowner, via his mobile device, if any of these safety detectors detect a dangerous situation.
  2. Automated locking system – Statistics indicate that safety locks are one of the main reasons that people automate their homes with mobile.  Perhaps you want to check to make sure that your family members have locked the doors after the last ones have left for school in the morning. Maybe you want to open the door so that your neighbor can accept a delivery. Through an automated system you'll be able to lock and unlock doors and windows with the click of a finger. The automated door locking system allows you to receive an alert each time someone enters your home. Even if you're at work you can keep an eye on any potential hooky-players. 
  3. Monitoring options – statistics show that having a security camera outside your house deters home intruders. A security camera, connected to a home automation system, allows you to see what's happening around your house 24/7. Security cameras increase your family's safety by recording clips whenever movement in and around your house is detected.
  4. Convenience – one of the main reasons that homeowners invest in a home automation system is that it offers a convenient way to maintain a comfortable home temperature. You can turn down or off the heating/cooling system during the day when no one is at home and then reactivate it so that when everyone comes back in the evening the house will have readjusted to the desired temperature.  

Thanks to a home automation system you can save time by automating specific tasks. You can leave your dinner in a crock-pot and have it activate at noon so that your evening meal is ready when you come home at night. Or, if you suddenly notice that a favorite show will be screening at a time that you're not home, you can direct your recording system to record the show.

Examples of Domotics in Real Life

There are multiple examples of how domotics operate in real life with more products coming onto the market almost every month.

Some of the most inventive home automation products include:

Window Films

Window films have been on the market for many years. However the film is always on the window – meaning, if the temperature dips or the homeowner wants to let some extra sun into the house, the entire window must open. The decision about when to open or close windows required the homeowner's presence to facilitate the action. Now automated window films allow the window's glass to go from clear to opaque in seconds with the click of a finger.

Automated window films have a series of rod-like particles that are suspended in fluid that's wedged between layers of plastic. The electric current is controlled by a mobile device. When the directive is given, the electric current can pass through the particles so light passes through, deactivating the opaque covering for the directed time period. 

Home Spa

Some homeowners install a hot tub or a Jacuzzi in their home, envisioning the soothing feel of warm water after a long hard day. Hot tubs aren't expensive. However, after you go to the time and expense of installing the tub, it's frustrating to feel that you don't want to bother with it because it's too difficult to adjust the temperature to ensure that the water is ready when you want to start your soak.

Wireless hot tubs allow you to use your mobile device to control your hot tub from afar. You can set the temperature, operate the jets and start the music so when you're ready to step in, everything is ready for your luxurious bathing experience.   


Play casino games to experience an active home entertainment option. For those individuals who want to sit back and enjoy passive home entertainment, the TV-enabled home automation system is the home automation of choice. TV-enabled donotics allow you to control channels, volume, recording functions and more.

The technology works through a local Wifi connection and coordinates with the web server. Commands are transmitted to the  WiFi-enabled micro controller device(IP enabled device so commands are executed on demand. Responses are then sent back to the ios app that update the UI. In addition to the TV the app provides an interface that controls other channels such as curtains , heating/cooling systems, lights and more.

More Entertainment

A home-automated multi-room, audio-video system simplifies multi-room audio-visual control. A/V controllers deliver multiple audio input and output paths for unprecedented flexibility for all of your entertainment needs. So after you play casino games for the first part of the evening you can program your domotics home entertainment system and complete the evening in a relaxing atmosphere of tranquil relaxation.  

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