3 Reasons Why Should Choose a Real Estate Investor to Sell Your House Dallas

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 25 October 2017 06:01

So you have a property in Dallas that you want to sell off? Well, selling it in the traditional way (via a realtor) might sound like the obvious way to go about it. But, it may include more expenses than what you had accounted for. Plus, despite the best efforts the process can get heavily time-consuming. No one knows when the perfect buyer will show up and how much time it is going to take (with inspections and repair works) before you can take a deep breath.

All this time, it can be really bothersome for you as the owner to watch your property languish in the market while you sit at home counting mortgage payments, utilities and home insurance. Thankfully with a real estate investor you do not have to go down the same road. ‘We buy houses Dallas’, they will tell you, ‘houses in any area, size, condition or price range and we offer you the best price for it’. Yes, that the do!

That apart, here are three big reasons why you should choose a home investor to sell of your house in Dallas:

You can save yourself the trouble of remodelling your house- A real-estate investor will buy your house ‘as is’. You don’t have to spend your precious time and money doing up a house where you are not even going to be living yourself. Once the house is sold to an investor, renovating the house to meet acceptable standards becomes their headache.

You can save time and commission fees- You either have to pay a flat fee or agree to a certain percentage of your selling price to the realtor. Also selling via an agent will mean lengthy inspection procedures and the likes. With a real estate investor however, it is pretty simple. You contact them, they visit your property, they make you an offer, if you accept it you get paid and then you can move on. 

You get paid off in cash- That’s right! This is the biggest perk of selling your Dallas house to a real estate investor. More often than not, they will make you a ‘no obligation’ cash offer and once you choose to accept it, they can close the deal within a week. They also handle the paperwork for you.

At times, as a house owner you may find yourself in an unfortunate situation where you are lagging behind with your mortgage payments and your lender is threatening you with foreclosure. Or you may be wanting to sell a house that you have inherited without a will and are working your way through title, lien and or tax issues. Turning to a house investor can be your best bait in such cases!

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