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How to Adjust the Travel and Force Limits of Your Garage Door

Written by Posted On Thursday, 26 October 2017 02:09

The residential garage door is most likely the heaviest moving part of any home and it is important that you maintain every part with utmost care especially the travel and force limit settings.
There are knobs located on the opener that controls the lifting and gradual closing of your door. Your door should move up and down seamlessly and if you notice that it reverses, some parts such as the shaft and gears should be checked.
To adjust the limit settings of your garage door, check the adjustment knobs. Turn the knob control clockwise to adjust upwards and counter clockwise to adjust downwards. Re-adjust if necessary. Make sure that you run a complete test after every adjustment. For safety, you can ask a specialist in garage door services to facilitate the adjustment. Keep in mind that you should never force open your garage door. To do so may cause serious damage to property and life.

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