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Knowing whether you should Rent or Buy

Written by Posted On Friday, 27 October 2017 07:11

Both buying and renting homes come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. It can be difficult knowing whether you and your family would be better off buying a home, as opposed to renting one.

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The Pros of Purchasing a Home

By buying a home, you are ensuring that you will possess the long term benefits that such security provides, as well as the equity and potential growth that stems from such a boost to your personal wealth.

You will generally find that the overall worth of your home will begin to appreciate as the years roll by. This means that when you do decide to sell, you can earn a very handsome profit.

The purchasing of a home provides a family with some of the highest levels of legal and social freedom available to society. You now no longer have to answer to a landlord and follow their rules.

Being in control of a property provides you with full reign regarding the editions and additions that you wish to make to your home, and its overall status and appearance are all up to you to decide. This includes renovations, landscaping, interior design etc. You really cannot go wrong with bringing your tastes and visions to life.

Remember that you do not always have to purchase a home with the hopes of living in it, many people will purchase property for the purpose of renting it out, or as an investment. You will find that investing in property is one of the most secure and profitable ventures in this current economy.

You can greatly improve your credit rating by ensuring that your regular payments are being kept with in a timeous manner. You now have a sizeable investment coupled with a progressing credit score.

You can expect to see your tax being lightened and your money being saved in the long term regarding a property that generates income.

You can always choose to refinance your particular bond amount if you end up deciding to take out a bigger amount of cash in order to cover massive purchases. Just always take the time and care to do so sensibly.

The Pros of Renting

When you rent a home, you are provided with a far higher level of flexibility as opposed to that of actually purchasing a home. For those that like to have a more fluid lifestyle, or cannot help having to move around a lot according to their job requirements, such a situation could be ideal.

You do not have any long-term pledging to do when you rent. As a tenant, you will now be provided with much more freedom regarding your new living space. You will even find that you can live in areas and in homes of a standard that you would not be able to afford otherwise.

Obviously moving out as a tenant is far easier and quicker than that of what a homeowner has to go through before they can leave a home which would have to sit on the market for a certain period of time before being purchased. All of these responsibilities are attached to your landlord.

Regarding insurance, you will only need to purchase coverage for your own property - meaning the items within a home. Anything to do with maintenance and homeowner insurance is the landlord’s concern.

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