4 Home Renovations That Will Make Your Home Irresistible To Buyers

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Renovations are one of the major concerns most people have when preparing to put their homes on the market. Short of making preparations to move into a new home, renovations can also be the most costly aspect of a home transfer. To ensure a maximum return on investment for money spent on home renovations, homeowners should focus on specific renovations that have been proven to boost home values and shorten the time that homes spend on the housing market. Studies have shown that renovations in basic structures, kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor areas can ensure that homeowners receive sizable offers for their homes.


Basic Structure Renovations

Basic structure renovations include repairs on roofs, piping and septic systems, basements and other features which are essential to the structure and maintenance of the home. In order to prepare to sell a home, it is imperative that you make relevant renovations like this before placing a home on the market. Individuals who seek to purchase homes generally expect to find a home in full, working order. If a homeowner is aware of problems with any general housing systems that will affect the day-to-day life of a purchaser, the area should be renovated immediately. Leaving an issue with the roof or a septic system problem to the future homeowner for repair could cause a home to remain on the market for months, if not years.


Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations are also a top priority for most home purchasers. Kitchen renovations are the most vital factor in any repair for a return on investment. Modern house hunters seek to find homes with large, updated kitchens. For homeowners, this means that cabinets, islands, floors, and appliances should all be updated. Although kitchen renovations are often expensive to homeowners, they also contribute heavily to the overall appeal of the house. You can even save by doing a cabinet or floor refinishing instead of a full replacement. Kitchen renovations can improve a home's value by as much as $60,000 in most cases.


Bathroom Renovations

Closely following kitchen renovations in overall appeal to potential home purchasers are bathroom renovations. Bathroom renovations include replacements to bathroom sinks, floors, tubs, and showers to improve mobility or visual appeal. Modern home buyers seek large and spacious bathrooms with ample space for closets, large soaking tubs, and artfully placed tile or hardwood. Bathroom renovations cost about a fraction of the price of kitchen remodels and yield extremely positive results.


Outdoor Area Renovations

Outdoor area renovations are usually performed when other areas of a home are in ideal condition and can be the difference between a sale and a rejection of a home. Outdoor renovations can include changes in lawn structures, the addition of pools and jacuzzis, or the addition of outdoor structures like outdoor ovens or patio areas. Outdoor renovations are an essential aspect of the home selling process. Outdoor renovations can also be more cost efficient than kitchen or bathroom renovations. By conducting a simple online search for, "pool builders near me," home renovators can find a list reputable companies that can install pools and other outdoor equipment for a reasonable price and improve the value of their homes.



Home renovations need not be the difficult task that most homeowners initially expect them to be. With careful research and a previously prepared budget, homeowners can successfully revitalize entire aspects of their homes before they are sold. By selecting bathroom, kitchen, outdoor, and basic renovations for the home, homeowners can ensure that they receive the maximum return on their investment. Not only can home renovations add maintainability, space, and visual appeal to a house, but they can help homeowners to find the money needed to get settled into a new home. For many owners, renovations can seem like an undue and expensive burden that can be forgone. Following an experience with renovations before a sale, however, many people discover that performing these renovations can be a financially rewarding endeavor.

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