Ask Your Landlord These Security Questions Before Committing to a Property

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Moving into a new home in Worthing can be an exciting experience. But like any place, it can also be the start of a nightmare if you don’t cover the basics.

Landlords are not obliged to reveal every detail about a new property unless when asked. You are therefore advised to be extra cautious and ask intuitive questions. To make it easier for you, we have listed in this article some of the most relevant questions.

  • Has the house been tested for mould recently?

Mould is one of the major cause of health hazards in a home. Mould is caused by moisture and poor aeration. Common symptoms of a mould infection include conjunctivitis, breathing problems, and headaches.

In some severe cases, the tenant suffers abdominal pain and diarrhoea . Mould can be found in attics, drywall, and crawl spaces. Buildings and residential properties must be inspected for mould every 5 – 10 years.

  • What security systems does the property have?
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Some landlords put flood lights and CCTV in strategic positions around their building. However, not all landlords do this, and some gadgets may have stopped working. It is important to find out if your potential new home has additional safety features. Examples include remote access entry (for apartment buildings) and alarm systems. Professional Worthing locksmiths can set up security systems for you.

  • Are the appliances working properly?

Ensure you inspect the appliances as you would the extra security features. For example, is the radiator in good condition? When was it serviced last? What about the washing machine? Has it been PAT tested ? If appliances are faulty, they can present a high hazard factor. They must be tested at least once a year.

  • Have the locks been changed?
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This is extremely important because most burglaries are carried out by people who have access to the building. In most cases, the previous tenants could enter the property because the locks were unchanged. Ask your landlord if the locks have been changed to avoid regrets.

Ensure you use high-security reliable locks. Expert Worthing Locksmiths can install quality brands such as Union, Mul-T-Lock or Yale, depending on the door type. A deadbolt is usually a good choice for front doors.

  • Who lives in the adjacent flats or neighbourhood?

It is also a smart decision to have an idea of who your neighbours are. It is not just about choosing friendly neighbours, but ensuring you are not moving into a questionable environment. What’s more, responsible neighbours can help you in times of an emergency.

Does the building allow tenants to smoke?

In an age when most public facilities do not allow patrons to smoke cigarettes this is a good question to ask, especially if you are sensitive to smoke. Cigarette smoke tends to seep under doors so smells permeate. A building that has outlawed cigarette smoking may still allow tenants to use vapes , as those produce no real discernible smoke or odor. And in states where cannabis is legal for medical/recreational usage, you may find tenants who are using bongs and dab rigs for their medical needs. Again, best to ask these questions before signing a lease.

  • Are there any caveats you should know about?

Find out what happened to the last tenant; did they leave under normal circumstances? Are pets allowed? What “don’ts” does the landlord not permit? Is there a tested fire extinguisher on the premises? How is the crime rate in general? The answers to some of these questions can be obtained by talking to people around the area or doing your own private research.

When you move in, test all the locks. The window locks are among the most overlooked of all security fittings. If you are in doubt, contact a professional Worthing Locksmith.

If you are in doubt, contact a professional Worthing Locksmith.

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