5 Benefits of Using Drone Videos and Aerial Photos For Real Estate Listings

Written by Posted On Sunday, 05 November 2017 23:00
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When it comes to showcasing homes and properties for sale, clear, detailed videos and sharp, colorful photos can quickly help seal the deal on an offer. Drones have made capturing beautiful and stunning areal videos much easier than ever before. They have now successfully replaced helicopters and airplanes, and we can now film super quality, crystal clear videos with super lightweight commercial drones.

Drone Videos showcase much more than standard ground photographs. Aerial videos will give you a better perspective of a property and its surroundings. Potential buyers can even see the distance between neighbors and some of the neighborhood amenities. Almost all potential homebuyers begin their search online, and a majority of real estate listings only use photos to showcase their properties. You can stand out by including detailed and engaging aerial videos on your listings.

Here are just a few more reasons drone videos are ideal to showcase homes, new constructions, office buildings and even vacant land.

Drone Videos Are Immersive
Drone Videos allow potential buyers to travel along a revealing and interesting journey of the property. From the front of the house to the roof and backyard, the vivid images and videos come to life and give buyers a more dynamic and interactive experience than what they would get from ground level photos. Clients get a detailed view from multiple angles from above which give them a complete overview of the property.

Drone Videos Are Affordable
Drones have made aerial footage extremely affordable and easily accessible to everyone. The days of hiring helicopters that burn a lot of fuel and cost thousands of dollars are over. You only need a single professionally trained Drone Operator and a commercial drone weighing just a few pounds to get amazing videos and photos.

Drones Are Portable and Versatile
It goes without saying; a drone is much more portable and versatile and works in almost any type of environment compared to helicopters and airplanes. With drones, you can capture more detailed videos at low altitudes taking in a closer view of the backyards, front gardens and more. Additionally, drones are extremely portable, compact and lightweight which allows them to fit into spaces where helicopters can’t fly. This allows Drones to capture even more dramatic videos and images.

Drones Can Highlight the Features of the Property
Using drones can allow you to zoom into and highlight some of the special features of the property. Such features may include patios, swimming pools, decks, and gardens. Drones will also help you to capture the neighboring shopping areas, parks, schools and more.

Drone Videos Are an Excellent Promotional Tool
Videos have been shown to increase conversions up to 80% compared to regular still photographs. Videos are more engaging, capture the viewers’ attention and provide much more details than images. It’s no doubt that drone videos have numerous benefits compared to traditional photography.

Unfortunately, one of the major challenges that most real estate agents face is finding the best real estate drone photography services. This is why we created DroneVideos.com. DroneVideos.com is a reputable and established Aerial Media Production Company that specializes in filming exceptional Drone Videos and Aerial Photography for real estate, farms, construction and more. 

We serve the entire US and our Aerial Packages are a flat-rate fee, which means you don’t have to wait for quotes or worry about up sales or additional fees.

Our Drone Operators are professionally trained, fully insured, commercially licensed and have passed background checks.

We take the guesswork out of the drone video ordering process. Use our online automated ordering and scheduling system and we can have a professional Drone Operator out to film your listing in as little as 24 hours. Then after we film the job, you will receive a professionally edited video on a Search Engine Optimized page that you can share on your website, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter as well as your local MLS website.

To get started, visit us online now at https://DroneVideos.com


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