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Home with yard and patio typically found in Beaux Arts Village neighborhood of Bellevue WA


Bellevue Beaux Arts Homes for Sale near Bellevue, WA



Beaux Arts Village is one of the premier neighborhoods near Bellevue, WA.  Located on the shores of Lake Washington, Beaux Arts Village provides a beautiful backdrop of lovely tree lined streets and architecturally unique residences to call home.  Today, the median price of homes in Beaux Arts Village are above the city of Bellevue's median price.  Homes tend to be larger, extensively remodeled estates or newer construction.  Residents appreciate the walkability of the neighborhood and close proximity to dining and shopping.


There’s an air of history, rootedness, and tranquility to the Beaux Arts Village neighborhood that you don’t quite find elsewhere.  People who move into the community tend to stay long term, so you won’t find very many homes for sale here in any given time.  Feeling a sense of place is quite rare in this rapidly changing region of western Washington, and it’s something to be cherished.  Beaux Arts Village in Bellevue is a very special place to call home.


Take a look at the links below to see what's currently on the market today.  Compared to other nearby areas in Bellevue, you will get a lot of home for the money, since homes tend to be larger and often include a large lot as well.  Of course, square footage will vary with the price point, but so will additional features such as higher end finishes and proximity to the water.  Rather than staying within a narrow price range in your home search, consider looking at all of the homes that fit within your budget in Beaux Arts Village.  You will be pleasantly surprised to discover features and opportunities that are unique to a particular listing, such as homes with meditation rooms, a boat dock or full wine cellars.  It's an exciting process of discovery to search for homes in Beaux Arts Village!


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Are you raising a growing family, or combining multiple generations within one household?  One of the nicest features of this community is that average homes offer more bedrooms, and many residents choose to live here to raise their kids so they can attend some of the best schools in the state.  In addition, many residents also have extended family and multiple generations living within one household, which brings people closer together and fosters a stronger sense of community.  Take a look at the links below to prioritize your home search by number of bedrooms in Beaux Arts Village.


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There's a lot to choose from when considering architectural styles and features of a home for sale in Beaux Arts Village.  Everything from mid-century modern ramblers to large 2-3 story estates can be found in this neighborhood.  It’ll be helpful to check these links regularly to find the homes with the features you want.  This isn’t the neighborhood of cookie cutter homes, so assumptions shouldn’t be made about what you should expect from homes listed for sale here.  Artistic expressions such as mural wall paintings, sculptures, and tilework are all possibilities, and not something you can easily search for online.  So keep an open, exploratory mind, see all of the homes as the come up for sale, and you’ll really enjoy the process of house hunting in this neighborhood.


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Questions?  Not finding exactly what you’re looking for?  Let us help you learn more about the Beaux Arts neighborhood, the City of Bellevue, and surrounding communities.  Marie Haydock and Evergreen Global Homes & Land provide exceptional knowledge and experience for clients from all over the world.



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