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Every community in the US has a different dynamic and often times, this can be a selling point if you’re in the market for a new house. One of the more desirable attributes of a community is a city’s walkability.

Many people desire an area where walking is a preferred method of transportation. In cities where the infrastructure was catered more towards vehicle transportation, the level of walkability decreases. Here are a few cities where you might direct your attention if you’re looking for more of a stroll than getting behind the wheel:

New York City

When it comes to the desire of walkability, many people immediately gravitate towards New York City. There is no surprise that you can walk just about anywhere in New York City since it has always been a pedestrian’s city. New York has been credited for its melting pot atmosphere which is why it’s pure density is contributed.

Most of the citizens of New York don’t own a car and prefer to walk or utilize the subway due to the hassle of congested traffic. Many pedestrians who chose to walk take advantage of maps to assist them in navigation.

San Francisco

Thanks to its terrain, San Francisco is another city to have on your list of walkable cities. This highly populated area is a great way to get in that hike you’ve been looking for the beautiful landscape calls for an opportunity for exercise and certainly permits to a great workout. For those who like to mix it up, this city can be easily traveled by automobile as well.


Due to a significant level of housing and commercial real estate, the downtown area of Seattle is compact and great of walking. Whether you’re commuting to and from work or just running errands you’re sure to get some walking time in one of the densest cities in America. This is home to beautiful sights of the city and Sound which is sure to put you in a great mood no matter where you’re traveling.


Our next city is one that thrives on art and a thick bohemian atmosphere adding to the hype of its walkability. Most of this city can be explored by foot and the artistic blanket adds to the enticing galleries, bars, restaurants, and more. If Portland is on your radar, be sure to pack your rain jacket for the strolls you’ll be taking.


Known as the “Windy City”, Chicago is a prime location for those interested in playing an active role in the pedestrian community. Home of the Chicago Cubs, this is a proud city and its certainly catering to pedestrians thanks to the planning department. One project in particular is the elevated park that was built on old railroad tracks, the 606. It connects many Chicago neighborhoods and allows for a great way to make your commute by foot.

The United States is home to countless desirable neighborhoods and the cities they dwell. When considering your next move, consider the level of walkability and whether or not your desirability lines up with the unique atmosphere created by these locations.  

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