How to Increase Your Home's Zillow Price

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The world of real estate has dramatically changed over the past few years. Before the power of the internet, a home searcher would have to contact an agent to run a Comparative Analysis Report in order to determine what a piece of property is worth. Now, due to the increase of real estate sites, somebody can find the estimated value of a home by turning to the internet. The most popular of these sites? Zillow. The majority of home searches out there are using Zillow's Zestimate in order to determine an offer price, and ultimately a value of a specific property. What they don't know is that these Zestimate valuations are usually completely off. In Fact, they are off an average of 5%. If I, as a Realtor, was off pricing a client's home by 5%, then, I'd definitely be out of business. But, don't worry homeowners....there is a way to increase your Zestimate so that it more accurately portrays the actual value of your home!

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Increasing Your Property's Zestimate

What many homeowners don't know, Zillow is basing their Zestimate off tax records and recent market sales. The majority of the time, these tax records are incorrect. Also, there is no way for Zillow to take any property upgrades and renovations into consideration when it comes to their valuation estimate. So, here's the little trick that I inform my clients close attention. As a property owner, you can go onto Zillow and claim it. When you do so, you are able to edit the current information that Zillow has on file. For example, your home is showing 1500 square feet, but, you have currently finished the basement and is now double that. While claiming your home, you can change those details. You can also add comments that the public will see....granite counter tops, new carpet, new kitchen, etc.

Here's step by step instructions: In order to change the zestimate, you will need to claim your home, you will first need to register with Zillow. Once registered, you can enter your address here, to claim your home. 

Alternatively, you can claim your home on the Public view of Zillow's property page. You can switch between the Public and Owner view of your home at the top of your property page.

You can select the “More” tab at the top of the page, and then select “Verify your ownership.” 


Select your name from the list and check the box to agree the the Zillow Terms of Use, and select "Continue."

If you don't see your name on the list, please click to 'Verify your identity' by entering your name and phone number.

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Now have at it! Add a nice description of your home. Update improvements, square footage, additions, etc.

Now for the hard part. Waiting. On average, it will take about two weeks for the Zestimate to change. But, it will. So, be as patient as possible and then one morning you'll wake up and...wallah.....your Zestimate will be closer to where it needs to be. So, go to this link now and change your Zestimate Today!

In the meantime, fill out this valuation request form, and I will give you a more accurate valuation of your property. That way, you can beat Zillow to the punch!

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