5 Things You Need To Know About Real Estate Investment In Costa Rica

Written by Posted On Sunday, 19 November 2017 21:34

Is buying property in Costa Rica really a firm investment, as they tell you? Is it a good idea to invest your money on buying land in Costa Rica? The answer is yes, unless you read and understand as well as use the advices that you will read in this article. Purchasing land in Costa Rica can be good investment if you follow your investment. There are certain details that you should pay attention to make sure that your investment are smart and beneficial. 

Firstly, you should get proper real estate agent. It is possible that some can dislike this idea due to their reasons or other unfortunate stories that they heard from others. However, as most of you do not know where you should buy area in Costa Rica and do not know how to deal with land owners, you are strongly recommended to get professional support. If you get an agent who properly chooses the area regarding your demand and expectation and has been working this way for many years, you can make sure that you are on a right track. Moreover, you should find out where new constructions will be accomplished in future. You can get such information just from the map of Costa Rica as well or you can get help from local experts as well. 

Secondly, soil studies are another important aspect while investing your money for buying land in Costa Rica. Due to bad top soils in most of the areas of Costa Rica, you will need to replace bad soil before starting the construction. Additionally, there should be found solutions for certain questions like, may be land owner used dump soil to make the land look flat and nice? Moreover, some owners might use construction waste or other type of garbage under the soil to make the lot look flat and this is the place where you are not suggested to build. First look at the ground. It is fairly easy for the expert eye, to see if the land was filled with garbage or not. Then find out what part of the property you want to build and get permission from owner to make a soil research. There are many companies in Costa Rica which operate in soil industry and can help you with soil studies. You can search in Google. 

Thirdly, before you make the purchase of land, make sure you find out if your future land is in zoning plan and what they would apply to this part of the city. Topography is another essential thing to decide on density of property. Note that, high density property is more likely to have increasing value for future compared with low density properties. You are suggested to request a zoning certificate to find out about restrictions, density and subdividing options for your property. Moreover, setbacks on the property are another superior aspect which you should be familiar with before you start construction. In case if there is river on the land of your purchase, probably there will be setbacks which restrict you to make construction within certain distance from the water. The solution is to get setback checked by National Institute of Housing and Urban Development and request a certificate. 

Besides, there is another important thing which you should take care of when looking for Real Estate For Sale In Costa Rica. This is documentation. Below we provide you with the list of documents which you should make copies and provide your lawyer in hard copy and in digital formats of those documents. Documents you should provide: 
• The copy of the deed (legal document about accomplishment) 
• The certified search of title 
• The copy of survey map 
• The copy of document about your willingness 
• The copy of attorney power 
• The copy of constitution of the company owning your property 
• The copy of official passport which you used while purchasing the property 
• The map which can help you to find the property on your own. 
The last but not the least is a legal protection. You are suggested to ask your real estate agent to organize documents for protecting your property from others changing your property title. Good luck in your investment.

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