Get in the Flow! Using Feng Shui to Stage Your Home.

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Feng Shui is the real deal. Not  only does it help with energy flow and inviting good energy into the home, but it can also increase a home’s emotional appeal and marketability therefore increasing the home’s value all while helping solve structural and design challenges!

For the reasons above, it is easy to see why home sellers and realtors oftentimes consult with Feng Shui experts to help sell a home. Some hire Feng Shui consultants before renovating a home but most do so when staging a home that isn’t attracting buyers. The right Feng Shui can turn a home’s luck from being nearly invisible to buyers to one that got buyers going into bidding wars. Want to know how you can achieve this? Just keep on reading!

No to Blocking

Feng Shui

Clearing the way to your front door will attract buyers and showcase the path to the front door. This means taking out shrubs, branches, vines, and dead plants around and in front of the house.

Freshen It Up

Feng Shui2

Repainting a faded, cracked, or old door gives it a clean and fresh feel. Making sure that the doorbell works and that there is a new clean doormat will make people feel that they are welcome to come in.

Aim for Visibility

Feng Shui3

No one will buy a home if they don’t know that it’s on the market. Place a “For Sale” sign at the side of the house because that is where people often look.

No to Clutter

Feng Shui4

Decluttering the entire house especially the closets, garage, and kitchen will help buyers imagine themselves living there and emphasize just how much storage the house can offer.

Don’t Forget a Greeting

Feng Shui5

A fresh front door will attract buyers. To make them feel even more welcome, place healthy plants on both sides of the door making sure they are in attractive blue planters.


Make the Walls Speak

Feng Shui6

Display inviting, happy, friendly, colorful, and positive images on the walls. Remove anything that looks gloomy, lonely, sad, or dark. If you’re not a fan of too much colour, go bare.

Open Up the Windows

Feng Shui7

This isn’t literal, but more about cleaning the windows (and all other glass surfaces) to invite light in and to showcase the view. This creates a lot of positivity.

Depersonalize the Home

Feng Shui8

You want the buyers to be able to visualize themselves living in the home so help them do so by removing personal items such as family photos and personal collections. This will allow buyers to see their own family living in the space.

Embrace Selling the Home

Feng Shui9

Let go and be ready to go. Make it final. Pack up your things and place some in storage. Make sure your most valued belongings are ready to move on to a new home. Fully commit to the idea of leaving and enable yourself to be willing and ready to move at a moment’s notice.

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