How to set up a Vacuum Cleaner

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A vacuum cleaner is an essential tool that can often help you to perform cleaning task very quickly in an efficient way. Due to this advantage of vacuum cleaners, it has become the need of every house. Vacuum cleaners have advantages as well as disadvantages. One of these disadvantages is the storage issue. A vacuum cleaner can take much space that makes it difficult to have in your home. To cope with this storage related issues, manufacturers have added functionality that you can disassemble your vacuum cleaner so that it fits in small places. Where disassembling your vacuum cleaner resolves the storage-related issue but it creates another issue that reassembling becomes hard.

Below is described a detailed guide to setting up your vacuum cleaner:

Set up Handle and Hose

•    Fit hose into the base of the machine and ensure that it clicks into right place.

•    Slightly slide the hose of the vacuum cleaner into the wand handle and click it in right place.

•    Now fit the bottom of the wand handle to the machine.

•    Now slide the telescopic shaped cleaning tube through the handle and hose of the vacuum cleaner by pressing the button on the back of the wand handle.

•    Cover the tube with wand cap to finalize the process of attaching the handle and hose with vacuum cleaning machine.

Attach Power cord

•    Wind the cable around the cable winders of the wand and ensure that the cable is secured using the cable clip.

•    Attach all the power cord handling clips with the vacuum cleaner.

Check all the screws

A vacuum cleaner contains a lot of screws and bolts from which most are detachable. When you detach your vacuum cleaner after the usage, keep all those screws and bolts safe so that you can easily assemble the vacuum cleaner for the next use.

Set your vacuum to the right height

    It’s really very difficult for aged people to bend their back and clean the room with the help of a vacuum cleaner because all the old vacuum cleaners are non-adjustable and are really tough to use. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner that can be adjusted according to the size of the person is the best invention till now. The height of these vacuum cleaners can be adjusted as per your choice. Usually, this facility is available in the upright vacuum cleaners to adjust the height of the handlebar to hold and operate the vacuum cleaner. The height of the handle can be controlled by the foot paddle.

Set your vacuum to the right power (speed)

    Usually, the shark’s vacuum cleaner and robot cleaner is the best in the world. They don’t have any flaw in their shape, size, and performance. When a vacuum is working and cleaning just according to you commands sometimes it’s really important to change the power mode from the main settings to make sure that you are cleaning your room and house completely. And another thing is that if you have a pet at your home and want to get rid of their hairs, switch the vacuum cleaner to the higher level and increase its suction power.

Now you can set up your vacuum cleaner without facing any kind of difficulty after disassembling it.

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