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Buying a Jupiter Home During the Holidays

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 29 November 2017 17:45

Buying a home is an exciting prospect, no matter what time of the year it is. In late December, with the New Year just ahead, a Jupiter home purchase might not be on your mind. There’s a reason why home prices are traditionally lower during the holiday season, and the market sparser, but this can mean a great deal for you! The best time to purchase a new home depends heavily on your timeline. Even with the holidays around the corner, however, there are some solid reasons why you should buy in December.

Holiday House-Hunting in Jupiter, FL

In cooler climates, winter is not known for being a popular season to move. Snow and chilly temperatures can make moving difficult. Luckily, we don’t have cold weather to worry about in Florida, and winter can actually be a popular time for buyers and renters to consider relocating. Winter can be a hot season for South Florida real estate, but not necessarily when the holiday season arrives. So, if the cold isn’t driving other buyers away, why choose December to buy? Even though Jupiter residents enjoy mild weather year-round, the holidays are still a busy and chaotic season, and not everyone has house-hunting on their mind. Here are 4 reasons why you should:

1. You’ll have less competition to deal with.

When fewer people are in the market for a new home, this often leads to lower prices, and fewer offers. This can lead to a better deal for you. Homes are often priced to sell near the holidays, because sellers are generally serious about the sale, and have motivation to move quickly, if their home is on the market at this time. Some sellers are simply forced to lower their price, so they can walk away from their home quickly. You’re less likely to experience a “bidding war” during the holiday season, because you simply have fewer buyers to contend with. With fewer buyers, real estate pros may also have more time, and flexible schedules can make it easier to schedule tours with the sellers. Real estate trends do change, but December is known for lower home prices.

Vendors also have more time during the holidays. This makes it much easier to schedule a home inspection, a moving team or a contractor. This can make for a quicker and smoother move during the holiday season. The concept of supply and demand is in full force, when it comes to any services needed to successfully move into a new home.

Competition is also in full force with lenders. Though every year is different, the same forces that drive down home prices may also drive down interest rates. With fewer people on the market for a home, and therefore fewer people applying for loans, lenders can also find themselves competing. In general, interest rates are slightly lower during the holiday season than they are just before or just following.

2. You Might Close Quicker

Most of the stakeholders in a holiday real estate transaction would like to complete it prior to year-end. Buyers want to get their moves out of the way and may need to relocate in a hurry. Lenders want the loan on the current year’s books. The same factors that motivate you to complete your business before the holidays or the start of the New Year also motivate attorneys, real estate pros and the rest of the team involved with a home closing. Some of the costs associated with closing may even be lowered if you are willing to close quickly. If you’re after a speedy closing, December is definitely a great month to buy a home.

3. You’ll Save on Associated Costs

December is a great month for shopping. As retailers work hard to move their remaining inventory prior to the New Year, you’ll find sales on just about everything. This can really work to your advantage if you’ve just purchased a new Jupiter home. Finding a great deal on home furnishings, appliances and other items that you might need to purchase for your new home is a fantastic benefit. There might be some additional savings in a late-year home purchase for you. In some cases, you can claim the purchase, property taxes and other associated costs on your current year’s income taxes. A tax professional can help you to determine if this would be beneficial for your household.

4. You Can Capitalize on the Holiday Spirit

Many home sellers are shuffling around to parties and family events during the holiday season. When spirits are high, people are often more generous. This can be true of both sellers and lenders. People are often willing to help others out during this festive time of year. When you purchase a Jupiter home, it’s helpful to work in close cooperation with all parties involved, and the holidays can facilitate a cheery mood.

Buying Your New Home in Jupiter, FL

No matter when you decide to buy, the team at Lillian Realty Group will work with you to find you the perfect home at the perfect price. December might be the best month for your move, but we can still help you get the most from your home purchase. We work with buyers, sellers and renters in Jupiter Farms, Tequesta, North Palm Beach and across the Treasure Coast. Our team keeps an eye on trends and will guide you as you decide when, where and how to buy your new home. Contact us to get started with your holiday home search. We’ll help you to navigate the local market, even during the winter months. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your Jupiter home search!

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