Decorating Your First Home: 3 Tips for First Time Homebuyers

Written by Posted On Saturday, 09 December 2017 15:15

1. Tackle rooms one-by-one

A home is a long-term investment.  So, it would make sense that it may take a bit to get your new home to its fully completed state. Categorize your living spaces: Where you spend the most time? 

For us, our first priority was the family room since it's where we spend the majority of our time when at home.  As long as you have the basics in your most important spaces (think bed, sheets, towels, etc), decorate the room that makes the most sense to you.  Taking your time will help you focus on picking the right pieces, and allow you to grow into your new space.

2. Think Neutral for Bigger Investment Pieces

I’ve found that if I purchase more expensive items in a neutral color, I’m way less likely to have buyer’s remorse later.  I recommend buying white dishware, for instance, because it’s classic and can be paired with so many other punchy colors to change up the look of your table.  A sofa in a light grey or beige can lend itself to so many different décor styles.  Once you have your foundation pieces (sofa, console, etc), you can easily switch out things like pillows, rugs and curtains to change the look of your room on a pretty modest budget.  

3. Give Yourself Some Slack

You will not always get it right on the first try.  And, that is okay!  Your taste in decor may change, or maybe you find that the piece you bought isn’t the correct scale for the space.

Try your best to decorate slowly over time and choose things you think will work well for your family. Even so, everyone has oops moments when they’re decorating their home.

I’ve found that if I buy something, and it doesn’t end up working how I thought it would, I try to reuse it in another space or Craigslist it.  This backup plan allows us to figure things out along the way without being completely out of luck when we don’t get everything right on the first try. 

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