15 Essential Tips for Pool Maintenance

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If you’re lucky enough to own a pool – inside or out – you’ll know how much time and care goes into their upkeep!

Having a pool is a great amenity for fun and relaxation, but you do need to know your stuff about the chemistry of keeping your pool clean and safe.

Keep on top of your pool-maintenance with this how-to guide, and avoid all the rookie pool-related problems like green water and chemical imbalance.

Your Need-to-Know for Outdoor Pool Maintenance

  1. Alkalinity: Start with alkalinity adjustments. Your pool’s total alkalinity (TA) should be between 80 and 120ppm. Any less, you’ll need an alkalinity increaser; any more, you should use a pH-decreaser.
  2. pH-Levels: Test your pool’s pH with a testing strip. You should always maintain a reading between 7.2 and 7.6. If it falls below 7.0 the water becomes slightly acidic and corrosive; and if it rises above, it is prone to become cloudy with scale deposits.
  3. Calcium: Keep an eye on your water’s calcium levels, too. Too much calcium will see hard white deposits in and around your pool, which could become a minor safety hazard.
  4. Chlorine: When all this is done, now’s the time to add your chlorine. Usually granular chlorine is added, and you should follow the directions on the packet, according to how many gallons of water fills your pool.
  5. Pool Net: Once all the chemicals are added – you’re free to enjoy your pool! Get a good-quality pool net to clear off any dirt, debris and bugs from the water’s surface once a day.
  6. Night Cover: For an outdoor pool, you’ll be needing a cover to protect your water at night and when it’s not in use. These will need to be professionally fitted by a pool company.
  7. Pool Maintenance Company: With use, you’ll find you will need regular professional pool repairs and advice. Keep a pool company in your contact book, like the Blue Science Pool Company, for all pool-related needs. Set up regular visits to keep everything in check, and prevent bigger and more expensive problems from occurring.
  8. Algae: Without the right chemical balance, your water can be affected by algae, and turn a toxic bright green. If this happens, you should shock-dose your pool with chlorine (add the start-up dose again) along with an algaecide.

Austin Pool Maintenance Know-How

  1. Chlorine: Even with an indoor pool, you still need to treat the water exactly as you would if it was outside. Chlorine kills all the waste products that can’t be filtered, like grease, oil and nitrogen.
  2. Ventilation: While you’re chemically treating your indoor pool, it’s essential to adequately ventilate the room – otherwise, the waste simply remains in the air and later returns to the water. Ensure you open all windows and doors, or have a great ventilation system.
  3. Brushing: Your pool filtration system can’t do all the cleaning work on its own, unfortunately – you need to help it by brushing your pool’s floor and walls ideally once per week, to shift chemical and dirt build-up.
  4. Filter Maintenance: Your filter will need cleaning out every three months (at least – more with heavy use). Check all the fans and hoses are working properly to prevent build-up inside your filtration system, and rinse it with a proper filter cleaner. (Alternatively, get your pool maintenance company scheduled in every three months to do this for you.)
  5. Cover: Like an outdoor pool, you need a pool cover to prevent dust and debris getting into your water. This needs cleaning and maintenance too!
  6. pH-Levels: Test your levels with a testing strip. Off-levels can usually be corrected with a chlorine shock.
  7. Heating: It may be a good idea to get heating for your indoor pool – heat pumps or solar heating are good options. Your pool maintenance company will be able to advise you on the best heating solutions for your set-up.

Once you’ve mastered the chemical balances for your pool – which all depend on whether it’s indoor or out, how many gallons it contains, how often it’s used, etc – you’re ready to dive in and enjoy!

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