6 Eco Friendly Ways To Manage Your Trash

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 13 December 2017 14:29

Taking out the trash is an everyday chore that everybody deals with. According to The Atlantic, the average American produces approximately 130 pounds of trash per month and this number is expected to triple by 2100. Many people believe that garbage disposal is a very simple process; however, it’s a very involved procedure that will still affect you in the end. If handled improperly, your trash could possibly have a negative impact on the environment and those who live in the surrounding area. There are a plethora of environmentally friendly ways in which you can remove your trash, and if you have no idea where to start, just keep reading. Here are six eco friendly ways to manage your trash.


Thought this seems like a no-brainer, there are tons of people out in the world who don’t recycle. When you recycle, you are helping the planet in multiple ways. When we take raw material and process it into a finished product, that entire process from start to finish and even beyond the life of that particular product uses a significant amount of energy. When you choose to recycle, not only are you reducing the energy required for processing, but you are also saving money.

Environmental conservation is another benefit that comes with recycling. By recycling and eliminating to extract raw materials, you are also reducing the risk of pollution and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions that are currently depleting the ozone layer.

Recycling also means that products are being made into new products; therefore, incinerating garbage (which leads to more pollution) is reduced.


Reusing is a great way to manage how much waste you dispose of. Some examples of this include using a reusable water bottle rather than purchasing a plastic bottle or using a reusable tote bag to shop with instead of taking a plastic bag (that you will end up throwing away anyway.) Like recycling, reusing helps reduce the energy needed to keep producing new products and in turn helps decrease pollution.


When you compost, you are essentially returning nutrients to the soil. Instead of throwing away your scraps, trying tossing them into a composting bin. Composting allows you to eliminate the need to use chemicals on your plants, conserve water, money, and energy, and grow perfectly healthy, nutrient-rich plants.

Pick better trash

Managing your garbage begins with the items that you pick out when you’re shopping. Next time you’re at the store, take a look at an item’s packaging. Try to go for items that are made with recyclable material or even products that use minimal packaging, so you won’t have to dispose of more trash. Buying in bulk can help alleviate this issue. There are also a ton of ways in which you can repurpose your trash, so that’s also something to consider when you’re reaching for an item on a shelf.


Have unwanted items that you’re planning on throwing away? Are they still in working order? Consider donating them. There are thousands of people who would find your trash very useful. That way, not only are you helping someone else out and reducing the waste you make, but you’re also reducing the amount of trash they make, as they’re reusing an item.

Call an eco-friendly junk removal service

There are waste removal companies that are committed to reducing waste, so you won’t have to drag all of your trash out once a week to be hauled to an incinerator or landfill. Instead of disposing of everything, these commercial junk removal companies sort through your garbage, and will repurpose, donate, and reuse everything.

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