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The decoration of the home is a letter of presentation: it says a lot about our personality and reflects our style. Choosing the most suitable furniture for each type of stay is essential to be comfortable and optimize all the corners of our house to the maximum.

Characteristics of a good sofa

The sofa is the protagonist of all the rooms and has the complicated mission of adapting to the needs of all members of the family. The aesthetics of the sofa is very important because it will be the center of all eyes, but it must also be comfortable and resistant. In that sense, it is convenient that the legs are part of the structure of the sofa instead of being screwed and that its structure is made of wood or steel.

When buying a sofa, you have to choose the perfect store like Miami Showroom by Modani where you can get a magnificent variety of sofas. It is necessary to have cleared the size of your living room, its distribution and the people who will use it. In houses with several inhabitants, a good option is to place two sofas in perpendicular simulating an L. If you usually receive many visits and you need an extra room, the best solution is a sofa bed.

The color of the sofa is also very important. A white sofa adds light and adds square meters to your living room. A sofa in dark tone has a lot of presence; it is combinable with all types of furniture and gives your home an avant-garde and elegant touch. Light-colored sofas, such as beige or gray, fit with any decorative style and are totally timeless, so you'll never get tired of them.

The ideal dining table

The table brings together the whole family in everyday moments, such as lunch and dinner every day, but also for celebrations: birthdays, Christmas, etc. Around your family members, and friends, share food and chat with ease, so being comfortable is basic to extend the after-dinner.

- Glass tables

The glass tables give elegance and finesse to all the dining rooms. They also represent an attractive decoration style. Thanks to the transparencies, they reflect both natural and artificial light, which helps to illuminate the room. Therefore, they are especially recommended in the interior or small size rooms.

- Melamine tables

Melamine is a wood made with fine chips or pressed sawdust. The main advantage of melamine tables is that they are cheaper than solid wood, and the quality and aesthetics are really good. A melamine cabinet is light and also very easy to clean.

- Folding resin tables

Folding tables are a great option when space is a problem. They can also be combined with other dining tables and only take them out when there are more diners than usual.

The choice of chairs

As with the sofa, the chairs have to be aesthetic but without sacrificing comfort. A chair that allows adopting a correct and ergonomic posture is basic for possible to avoid health problems (back pain, discomfort in the neck ...)

- Chairs for the dining room

At the time of choosing the chairs where we will sit down to eat or drink coffee with our guests, the aesthetics worry us a lot and we always look for them to combine with the table and with the rest of the living room furniture. The leatherette chairs are a good choice. The leatherette is a material that imitates leather, so aesthetically it is perfect. Most stains come out with a damp cloth with soap, which is an advantage if we consider the ease with which food or drink can spill over them.

- Chairs for the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the home. Many people choose to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in it and reserve the room for rest moments. When you choose the chairs for your kitchen you have to check that they are resistant, comfortable and easy to clean because you will use them every day. You can also take a risk and bet on eye-catching colors that brighten the kitchen. That they are foldable is a good option to gain space and have the kitchen collected when they are not used.

The kitchen stools are perfect in an American-style bar and are the preferred choice for breakfast or informal snacking with friends.

- Rotating chairs

These are the chairs that we will place in the room we use as an office or office. For our work to be effective, they have to be comfortable and take care of our backs. It is important that they are ergonomic, adjustable in height and offer good lumbar support. It is advisable to choose a chair with armrests to avoid muscular recharge and that is rotating so that it allows us a greater capacity for movement.

Keep order with the lockers

The cabinets are essential in any home and the best solution for our clothes and accessories are organized. But not only are they a storage space, more and more cabinets have become a fundamental part of the decoration of the house, so its external appearance is very important.

Depending on the space available, you can opt for a two or three-door wardrobe. To be more practical they must include a bar to hang the longest garments and an interior loft that allow us to take advantage of all the space. It is also convenient to choose wardrobes with drawers that allow us to also store underwear, winter accessories, such as scarves, hats and gloves, and other types of accessories such as belts, ties or shoes.

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