5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your First Home in Your 30s

Written by Posted On Monday, 18 December 2017 19:52

Most people dream of buying their own house. Some people are eager to achieve this early while others take their time – nice and slow. But, when is indeed the best time to buy your first house?

In your first few years of working, everything in your surroundings are unstable – you change workplace as the weather changes, you spend money like there’s no tomorrow, you drown yourself in credit card bills and just ignore the responsibilities whether intentional or not. However, most people start to become responsible and matured when they reach their 30’s thus, we also think that it is the best time to buy your first house.

In this article, we will enumerate the reasons why buying a house in your 30s just make so much sense.


  1. 1.You had saved up for the down payment already – you can seek for financial assistance through home loan but still, you need to ensure that you have the money for down payment. Paying 20% is not a joke so working on your first few years may not be enough to save up for that amount of money. However, this amount of money may be easier to achieve for people in 30s given their years of earning and saving money. It is important to take note that paying for the down payment for the house should not mean that you will exhaust all your funds from your savings.
  2. 2.Your credit score is good to apply for a loan – credit score is important if you wish to apply for a loan. It may be difficult for people who have no loan record or even bad credit score. This is a common scenario for young people. But as you grow older, you will be able to realise and learn how to take responsibility of your money. And a responsible adult will make sure to check the best home loan interest rates before making the decision.
  3. 3.You have reliable and secured job to help you pay for mortgage – it is not easy to find a job that you can see yourself doing in a long time. Many people spend their 20s looking for “the one” so when they enter their 30s, they are settled in a job that they love. Job security is one important factor to look at when applying for a loan. You should have a stable and reliable source of income to help you pay for your loan.
  4. 4.You know exactly what you want – when you are in your 30s, you are more aware of what you want. You can decide clearly what type of house to buy, the budget and other technicalities. This can be difficult for young people who don’t even know what they want for lunch.
  5. 5.You’re probably thinking of settling down – lastly, it is possible that you are already thinking about settling down and starting your own family and with this, you surely would want to have a house you can call your own.

Buying a house is a major decision that needs to be thought of carefully. You should not rush things or else you might end up broke and a failure. However, you should not also take things too lightly that you don’t care if you reach this goal or not. Make sure to set your goals and work hard to achieve this in the right time.

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