Kitchen Design Trends in 2018

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 20 December 2017 13:33

As the adage goes, the heart of any home is its kitchen. It’s where your loved ones gather for celebrations and holidays and family recipes are passed down generation to generation. While the kitchen is a place to rejoice in traditions, it is also a busy space worthy of new designs and upkeep.

Over the last few years, trends have leaned heavily towards monochrome color schemes on cabinets and countertops with industrial pipe accents. In 2017, farmhouse-style sinks and bold light fixtures made strong appearances. But what kitchen design trends can we expect for 2018?

Minimalism. Contrast. Sophisticated refinement.

In 2018, a big focus will be maximizing counter space through high-tech storage systems. Everything from toasters to coffee makers will make their way into special, individualized or themed compartments. For instance, a mixer may be stored in a “baking” compartment along with other tools used for a specific purpose.

By removing clutter from your countertops, your kitchen will immediately appear more open and inviting. Known as “appliance garages,” these cabinets and cupboards will be specifically designed to fit various everyday kitchen gadgets, adding to the overall minimalist look.

For larger appliances that are unable to be stored, 2018 trends point to sleek designs, such as touch screen stoves, French door ovens and stainless steel wine refrigerators. The modern look of completely stainless steel high-tech appliances with black accents that also have a classy twist such as the French doors, enhance the minimalist style.

In 2017 especially, whites and blacks dominated the kitchen color pallet. It is not uncommon right now to see all-white kitchens or a simple contrast such as black cabinets with white counter tops. But 2018 designs will offer even more contrasting features and bring your floors into the big picture, adding sophistication.

Different shades of grey will be popular for countertops and will most likely be paired with white cabinets – a color which seemingly may never lost its charm. Instead of granite, which has taken over the countertop market in previous years, 2018 will focus more on Quartz. Quartz offers a fresh look and has a different array of finish options.

The two-tone looks will govern the rest of the kitchen’s color layout. Other light and dark matchups will appear in the cabinets themselves, typically with darker-colored cabinets on the bottom and light grey or white cabinets above the counter top to opening your kitchen and making it appear larger and taller than it is. Whatever your color combination for cabinets, a shade of grey Quartz is likely to be paired for the countertop.  

Having simple monochrome contrasts checks all the minimalist requirements for a 2018 contrasting and refining kitchen design. Another key design for the new year will be merging all of the monochrome with the with dark hard wood floors, creating a deep base that will bring a sophisticated look to any kitchen, such as this classic style cabinet.

Another new feature to 2018 for kitchen design is pops of color either through tiling, wallpaper or paint. The 2017 neutral tones for kitchen walls and backsplashes will be replaced with plums, mints, navy blues and other abysmal yet inviting colors, giving unique hues to an otherwise colorless kitchen. Ideally, whatever color is chosen will match well with the dark wood floors.

To personalize and add refinement to your kitchen, incorporate bright tiles for backsplashes. Many companies, such as Fireclay Tile, offer unique patterns and color schemes such as bold Agrarian or soothing Mediterranean. For other personalization options consider brass accents such as door handles or faucets.

Some things that are expected to carry over from 2017 are dominating, overhead light fixtures and large, clutter-free islands. For the last decade now, white cabinets or countertops has been a consistent addition to any kitchen and the clean, bright look is expected to continue in coming years.

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