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Rental inspection checklist - pay attention to these details

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 27 December 2017 07:04

Do you need to rent a property, but you have no idea what to look into while selecting one? The thing you need is a mini-guide to help you out through the whole process. Usually, when you prepare yourself to rent a property, you forget about the tiny details that make the differences. Price is not always the most important factor in such situation and you should be extremely careful what makes a property worthy and what makes it totally avoidable. This article is meant to present the intricacies of rental inspections. Read a series of facts that will make the entire experience much more enjoyable.

Before moving in

There is a series of things you might want to do before taking the decision of moving in one place or another. The first one would be contacting Walton Robinson estate agents, which are there to help you out choosing the place you are going to live in the future. Contacting specialists is actually the best thing you can do, keeping in mind that the real estate field is truly tricky when you have no experience in this direction. Yet, there are some things you can do for yourself:

  • Take notes

You should take notes about each and every property you are visiting. This is the best way to keep track of each location and not getting lost between addresses. Go to every location and take notes of anything that you want to memorize about them.

  • Take pictures

You can also consider taking pictures of each location, so you don’t mess up what feature goes where. Many people are mistaken when it comes to remembering what they liked on a certain property when they visit plenty of them on the very same day. Pictures might help you with this matter and won’t take long to make. In addition to this, there is a big benefit about taking pictures when you first visit a property: in case you decide to rent it and there is some damage present and the owner promises to fix them soon, you will have some proof to get your back covered in the main time.

  • Set dates

This is important in case you decide whether to rent or not a certain property under some circumstances. If the owner agrees to rent the property to you and also make the necessary repairs, you should set the dates for these repairs. Store the paper you wrote down the dates in a safe place so that you will have it handy in case something happens.

General facts

When it comes to details, people often don’t know what to focus their attention on. This is the reason why this article is going to come up with a list of the most important things to pay attention to while visiting a property. First things first, once you got inside the location, quickly check the walls. You should look for clean walls, with no stains on them because this is the first sign of long-term problems like water damage or mold formation. Look for cracked plaster as well and if any of these signs are present, stay away from that property or ask if any repairs are scheduled soon.

While you are quickly checking out walls, try focusing your attention on the electrical outlets. A broken electrical outlet can mean a lot of reparations which are going to cause a mess and be costly enough to consider them troubling. If the owner of the property doesn’t mention anything about reparations where you consider them necessary, stay away from the offer because it’s not suitable for you. Talking about electricity, make sure to check the circuit breaker box too. Usually, this is the cause of many problems, so pay a huge amount of attention to it if you can. Flipping the lights on and off might also help you see if there is something wrong with the light fixtures or the electrical work inside the house.

Other detail to look at would be the thermostat. You surely desire to take advantage of the heating/air conditioning system of your future home, right? This is the reason why you should check the filters and vents to make sure they are clear, even though it might take some time to do it.

Other details to look for: broken blinds, carpets, cleaning, roach droppings, closets, kitchen cabinets etc. Some property owners work with contractors, meaning that when you have a certain problem (e.g. something to repair) the owner will automatically make you work with a specific company to solve the issue, which can be less qualitative. Yet, if you want to hire a more expensive company for the deed, you will end up stuck with the whole bill.

Room by room

  • Kitchen

You should try to focus your attention on the stove. Do all the burners work? The heating elements in an over should be working properly, considering that they are difficult to repair and inconvenient to replace. For safety matters, make sure that – if present – the gas range has no leaks in the line. In addition, inspect the refrigerator and the dishwasher. The faucet should not be leaking either, or you might end up paying water that you do not actually consume.

  • Bedrooms

The first thing you should notice when you enter a bedroom would be the smell of mold or mildew. If present, mark this property as the one you do not want to rent. Check the room itself for other types of structural damage and then pay attention to the way it is furnished. The mattress should be either very clean or new.

  • Bathrooms

When checking out a bathroom, the first thing you will need to test is – of course, the toilet. Flush it once or twice to make sure it drains well and watch for leaks. Check if the water is hot enough or if there is any mold on the ceiling. Another detail that usually goes unchecked would be the pipe under the sink. 

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