How to Prepare Your Home for Its Real Estate Listing

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Getting your home ready for sale is something that’s often left to the very last minute. Depending on how neglected and poorly maintained the home has been, it may take considerable time to resolve the central issues with the property to make it attractive to potential buyers.

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Issues that haven’t been handled for years get worse and things that are expected to take little time to resolve tend to be more time-consuming than imagined. Therefore, it’s best to start as early as possible before you really need the listing to go up or the property to be sold.

Here are some things to look at to ensure the property is ready for its listing sooner.

Improve the Curb Appeal

Making a great first impression helps to put the potential buyer in a great frame of mind. If the front lawn hasn’t been cut in a while and the plants have weeds everywhere, invest time into getting the plant life looking healthy and the lawn and edging looking pristine.

If the front wall or gate is showing signs of age, what can you do to make it look better? A fresh coat of paint on the gates and a good rust remover would work wonders. If the gate squeaks when it’s opened, address it. Take a step back from the property (or ask a friend), to see what needs to be handled from an outsider’s perspective, then get to work. Also, if there are any kids’ toys or garden tools lying around, pick them up and store them away to keep everything looking clean.


Carpets get worn and pick up stains from spilled food and drinks. When these cannot be removed with conventional stain removers, then a professional carpet cleaning service might help resolve the problem. For carpets that are too well-worn, it might be best to have a rug and a table placed over them to make the space decorative (many new buyers will change the flooring anyway to get a fresh start after they move in).

With wooden flooring, check if there are areas where the wood has been chipped away. Would the floor benefit from sanding down and re-staining to bring out the true grain in the wood and to resolve any issues with general wear over time?

Get Professional Help to Clean-up the Worst Excesses

In a situation where your home really isn’t viewable by a realtor because of a major situation, then that should be addressed head-on. Whether it’s a problem with pet messes, excessive hoarding that’s gotten way out of control, or the home was used for illegal activity, a good biohazard cleanup company is just a phone call away.

Using a professional company that has the trained personnel and equipment to handle every kind of home situation, clean it up to restore the place back to its original state is an essential service when it’s become more than you can handle yourself. Any of the above situations will prevent you from listing the home for sale in most cases, so get help if you need it.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a tidy house that just needs some TLC in the garden area or the home is in a bad state due to hoarders or another major problem, the sooner it is handled, the quicker the listing can go up with the realtor. Addressing things sooner rather than later is best to get ahead of any problems.

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