How to choose an express pot?

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When we identify ourselves, we discover that in the kitchen we need so many things that you do not even know where to start to buy. Therefore, we want to show you how to choose another very useful tool, an express pot or under pressure. It is not essential to dispose of it, but without a doubt, in the hurry life in which we live, we are very grateful to reduce the cooking times.

After a long time without having a pot, when the time came I was blocked because I did not know what to look for, so I began to analyze what the market offered us and I found some points to keep in mind. These are the quality of the material, the size, the pressure indicator and the accessories. It is important to consider all these aspects, because the express pot is a long-term investment as long as we make a good choice from The Juzz.

Quality of the material

The quality of the material is very important almost in anything that we buy but even more in something that will be in contact with our food. Therefore, I do not doubt that neither would buy a kitchen utensil of dubious origin or that use materials that could be toxic in the long term. In the case of pressure cookers we must take into account that it is heavy, that is to say if we compare two models and one is very light in comparison with the other, probably that is not the most adequate.

The pressure generated inside the pot is very high and if we save on the materials, we will be reducing their resistance. Therefore, it is best to opt for stainless steel pots, which maintain their conditions well, without deforming with use. More specifically, if we look at the alloy of this steel we should opt for 18/10 stainless steel. Moreover, if we opt for a reinforced base we will get a pot that heats up faster, better retain the heat and reduce the chances of not burning the food.

The size

At this point, we must consider the use we are going to give our pot and the space we have to store it. Well, buying a pot for a large family will not be the same as for someone who lives alone. In the market we find different sizes, determined in liters from two and a half liters (useful if you cook for one or two) to ten liters. But as it usually happens it will always be better to opt for the middle path. A 6-liter pot is usually one of the most common in homes and it allows us to cook for a family of 6 as well as to cook and then save or freeze without being an exaggerated quantity. Then I put an approximate ratio of the size of the pot and for how many people we can cook with them.

  • 4 liters: For two people (generous portions) or 4 people
  • 6 liters: For 6 people
  • 10 liters: For approximately 8 people

These proportions will logically depend on the size of the rations, but it sure gives you an idea to choose the one that best suits your conditions. On the other hand, it is common to find sets of pots that are sold in the same lot and that as a rule share a lid and offer us the possibility of having two or more sizes at once. It is perfect to have a more usual use size and another something larger for when we have guests.

Pressure indicators and accessories

The speed of cooking in these pots is due to the high pressure that is generated inside. But what is the right pressure for our recipes? In the old models of express pot, we could not know how much the pressure was, we just saw steam coming out of the valve that was spinning and whistling. Now the valve not only serves to let part of the steam come out, it is also an indicator of the pressure. Generally, 15 psi (15 pounds of steam per inch of space) is usually what is necessary for our recipes. Looking at this indicator, we can know if our pot is at too high a pressure, to solve it, it will be enough to lower the temperature and therefore the pressure will be lowered. In this way, we will have better control over the cooking, since at too high pressures it will not cook properly.

On the other hand, it is important to look at the prices of accessories. A good pot will last us a long time, but we will always have to buy a spare part. Therefore, it is important that they are easy to obtain and that the cost is reasonable. Something that we will surely need is the rubber on the lid seal, it is usually the most deteriorated, and we can look for its price and availability to get an idea of what it will cost to find it in the future.

We must evaluate all these factors before buying our express pot and then we will make the perfect purchase. Since we will have thought about everything, its quality, its size and its price, both short and long term.

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