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It is not always easy to get up from your seat or to sit in an armchair when you lack strength in the legs, or when you lack balance. If this is your case, an electric lift chair can be a great help.

What is a lift chair?

A lift chair is primarily an armchair for comfort and relaxation. With 1 or 2 electric motors, the lift chair you help to get up or sit down without dropping into the chair.

The lift chair has electric actuators that are operated by a remote control and that can lift the seat of the chair to limit the effort when you get up.

In addition, the remote control makes it possible to lower or raise the back of the lift chair and the footrest for maximum comfort in the living room or bedroom.

A lift chair is a comfortable electric wheelchair that allows the user to get up alone without effort and in complete safety.

The lift chair is placed in your living room or in your room and can join the useful to the pleasant. For a long time perceived as a "corny" product, the lift chairs are nowadays very much in the design because of their studied lines and their contemporary coatings.

The main purpose of a lift chair is primarily functional.

In fact, the lift chair makes it possible to avoid apprehensions and the risks of imbalance loss when lifting its seat.

Designed primarily for the elderly, these lift chairs are also useful for many people who are sick or have a disability. Indeed, the armchairs and sofas of our living rooms are often badly adapted to their seat too low or too soft.

These lift chairs are therefore a very safe product. In addition, it brings immediate comfort to the user thanks to the automatic adjustment of the backrest angle, the leg rest or the footrest.

The materials used also make it very comfortable. Some are even equipped with memory foam that helps prevent bedsores.

What are your needs?

We offer several types of chairs to best meet your needs.

Their main action helps with emergence, some also possess more important qualities in terms of comfort:

Massage lift chair

The important thing then is to consider what your needs are: functional, comfort or a combination of both.

In order to answer this question, it should be noted also, the existence of an article close to the lift chair: the cushion at the lift.

The number of engines

There are models of manual lift chairs. However, they require a pressing force on the armrests that many elderly or weak people are not able to provide.

This is why these chairs are now equipped with more or less sophisticated engines to overcome these difficulties. They allow tilting at the same time the backrest, the seat and the leg rest.

An electric wheelchair with 1 motor allows to simultaneously operate the inclination of the footrest and the backrest to the desired position (extended on some models).

The angle that can be obtained via the lift chair is always indicated on the product sheet.

The inclination must, therefore, be a criterion to take into account in the choice of your lift chair.

If you want to lie down completely, opt for a 180 ° inclination (few models offer it).

The electric wheelchair or relaxation chair with 2 motors allows to separately adjust the footrest or leg rest, and backrest.

You can choose your ideal position for maximum comfort in your relaxation chair.

The number of positions

Each lift chair offers different tilt options for the backrest and footrest, thus determining the number of positions: the Tilt Position, the Relax Position, and the Rest Position.

Rest position

The rest position allows the user to be fully reclining in his chair, giving him maximum comfort. In this case, the inclination of the footrest and the backrest is almost horizontal.

Relax position

The relaxed position offers the user the possibility of partially tilting the backrest of his electric wheelchair as well as the footrest in semi-recumbent position or lounge chair.

Lifting position

The lift function or help with virtualization allows the user to get up and sit in his chair effortlessly. Thanks to an electric jack placed under the chair, the armchair is gradually raised and tilts slightly forward to facilitate the lifting of the person. The electric wheelchair allows the user to sit or get up easily and relieve his lower back muscles, kidneys, legs, thighs, abdominal belt.

3rd component: The remote control

Each lift chair has an ergonomic remote control (often wired) to make adjustments simply and smoothly.

4th component: The massage function

Some lift chairs have a massage function. A massaging lift chair offers a relaxing massage of the shoulders, back, lower back, thighs, and calves through various programs to the user's choice.

These massage chairs are particularly recommended for people with back pain because this system allows to relax and remove the tension of the muscles of the back and shoulders.

In the stressful life, we live, this function is also very appreciated to resolve the tensions accumulated during the day. This massage function is not only useful but also relaxing.

5th component: The upholstery of your lift chair

To contribute to well-being, some armchairs are made with a memory foam and this to prevent the risk of pressure ulcers.

This aspect is particularly interesting for people at risk: those who remain in the same position for a long time and whose skin is weakened. For more details you can have a look at bestmattress.reviews. Best of luck.

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