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5 Ways Savvy Real Estate Agents Are Using Social Media

Written by Posted On Sunday, 07 January 2018 03:27

With so many people utilising social media in recent times, businesses are increasingly creating a presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks. Day by day these platforms are turning into the playground for like-minded professionals. This is also true in the case of real estate agents, who are finding that using social media can help in various ways, whether it be connecting with potential clients, providing customer service or promoting brand awareness. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways this can be achieved in greater detail.

Providing Advice

Professionals in a range of different industries will use online channels to offer advice, connect with potential customers and get a greater reach provided their advice is of a high quality. A real estate agent can use social media to provide information and tips about where and how to find a good real estate agent, ways that a property’s value can be increased and methods to attract potential buyers. Homeowners will always have some interest in this kind of information as it can help them make money down the line. So, sharing information on social media, whether it be a blog article, video or a simple update, is a great idea.

Keeping Consistency & Connectivity

Use social media as a real estate market guru by REET

Social media represents the real estate agents as a tech-savvy to their clients. Each of the social channels performs with a unique feature that diversifies the way of genuine lead generation. Real estate professionals are using social media strategy like showcasing their background and achievements to build up client’s trust. By keeping the connection with consistency to your clients, you can show them you do care for this relationship. Nurturing this partnership would be beneficiary in coming days. One way or another this would refuel the social media marketing for real estate agents. Realtor’s social media presence are vital to establishing interpersonal connectivity with their clients.

Sharing Property Listings

There are those that thought the internet might make the real estate agent’s job obsolete. Rather, it has become part of the real estate agent’s toolkit, as they are able to market and advertise to a greater number of people online. A real estate agent can share links to their website where listings for certain homes are displayed. But links are less likely to be clicked and followed. Ideally, the listings can be uploaded directly to Facebook, Instagram or any other relevant social media network. Again, a video is preferable to images in this case. With a brief spiel about the property and what is offered, this kind of post can easily catch people’s eye as they browse their Newsfeed.

Being the Market Influencer

Being A Real Estate Agent From REET

A real estate agent has a sound knowledge of the market, which makes them an expert in the field that is qualified to offer advice on certain matters. Real estate professionals can easily share their expertise and insights on social media. Social media would keep your clients and followers up to date with the inside news of the market. Market influencers opinion put a solid impact on the purchase decision of real estate industry. The cherry on the top is that you are always a click away from the virtual world. These are the storyline to become a genuine market influencer of real estate industry. Becoming a real estate guru helps a lot to build a credible reputation and sustainable client base in the real estate industry.

Posting Interviews 

Videos remain the most engaged with content on social media and interviews can be utilised in a variety of different ways. Whether they come in the form of providing advice, or are set up as a testimonial that shines a positive light on the real estate agent, interviews can be an effective form of video marketing. Telling stories is a big part of the marketing formula and video interviews help you do just that.

This article has discussed a few of the ways real estate agents can use social media to connect with customers and build their brand. The property market remains strong and there is always a demand for new agents! If you’re looking for more info on how to get qualified, speak to the team at Real Estate Education & Training (REET)  today.

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