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Five Ways to Brighten Up Your Home

Written by Posted On Sunday, 07 January 2018 16:05

Do you feel like your room is a bit darker than you would like it? Does it have the potential to be more bold and bright but you just don’t know how? Here are the top five tips on how you can easily brighten your home without having to splash too much cash.

  1. Lengthen your curtain rods

By adding a few extra inches to your curtain rods, you will ensure that there is no light being blocked from getting in to any of your rooms whilst also making your windows appear bigger. Curtains themselves can beautify a room, but if they are blocking the light from finding every inch of the room, you are preventing the room from reaching its full potential. If you are able to implement this tips throughout the house, you will see the whole house brighten dramatically. You can also give your window the illusion of height by moving the curtain rod up a few inches.

  1. Get a glass extension

Glass house extensions can be a welcome addition to a house when trying to brighten your home. Floor to ceiling glazing, bi-fold doors and a glass roof will invite natural light in to your home with welcome results. Home extensions don’t have to be expensive, and if you pick the right company to build one for you, you can benefit from all of the brightness of a new home extension without having to burn a hole in your pocket.  

  1. Swap your bulbs

Are your bulbs giving your room that sickly yellow tint? Why not swap them out for bright white LED bulbs to enhance the colours in your rooms and make the house that much brighter? If that’s still not enough, why not add a few more lamps around the house to maximise the brightness of your home? The bulbs that you choose to use to brighten your home have a great effect on the mood and style of the room, normal cheap bulbs will not give your room the brightness you need compared to a bright white LED bulb.

  1. Paint your walls

You probably could have thought of this one yourself, and it may be obvious, but giving a few rooms a lick of paint will brighten up your house in no time. It is common knowledge that some white or light grey paint will always brighten up your space. Dark coloured rooms make the space feel enclosed, and even a bit miserable. By choosing white or light grey to paint your walls over a stronger, darker colour, you will eventually allow yourself to be more creative with the colour of your décor which will give your room more character. 

  1. Add mirrors

Mirrors will not only make any room appear bigger, but they will also reflect any light that makes its way in to the room. By adding a large mirror across from a window in a dark room, you are offering the space almost twice as much light. 

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