Moving Home: The Pros of Renting a Furnished Apartment

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Renting a home is an inevitable situation for young people, or those moving out for the first time. For the vast majority of us, affording to buy a home straight away isn’t realistic. Apartments are an attractive prospect for single renters or couples living in cities. They’re less expensive than stand-alone houses, and offer just the right amount of space for the needs of one or two people.

There are two types of rental accommodation: furnished and unfurnished. The latter requires you to provide ALL furniture yourself – a daunting prospect for young people, students and those on low incomes. Good-quality furniture is very expensive, and websites or classified listings offering free or cheap furniture are very competitive.

This is where renting furnished apartments can solve all of these dilemmas. They come equipped with all the furniture you need day-to-day, in great condition, for no extra cost.

Check out our list of the many benefits of choosing a furnished rental property.

  1. A Ready-Made Cosy Home

You’ll have a sofa, bed, tables, chairs, appliances and more, ready and waiting for you when you move in. This means you can have friends over straight away, relax on the sofa, cook food, sit at the dinner table, and sleep in a comfy bed. Buying and moving all these items yourself is a huge undertaking, requiring lots of extra pairs of hands and the added expenditure of hired help.

  1. Easy Move-In

As we said before, lugging large pieces of furniture into a new place is daunting. Hauling a sofa up several flights of stairs is not how anyone wants to spend a day. If your apartment comes furnished, all you need to pack into boxes are your personal items, kitchenware and décor. No disassembling beds and bookshelves for you!

  1. No Need to Hire a Van

When moving home, there’s also the hassle of transporting your goods. If you don’t have your own vehicle, carrying a wardrobe across town isn’t a great prospect; nor is splashing out on a removal van. If you do have a vehicle, it’s likely to only be your average-sized, five-door car, that doesn’t really have room for a fridge-freezer in it.

If your apartment already has all these things, there’s no issue. You could probably fit your life into your normal car!

  1. Interesting Décor

Most furnished apartments contain furniture collected by the landlord over a lifetime. As a result, you can end up with a home filled with really interesting, antique, unique furniture and ornaments. The furniture will be well loved and looked after, as this increases the rental value of the property.

  1. You Can Still Add Your Own Furniture

Don’t like the furniture that’s already there? That’s no problem. You can obviously bring your own furniture, as long as you store the existing ones away where they’ll stay in their current condition.

Don’t like the landlord’s cushions? Store them out of sight. Take down any wall hangings or art you don’t like and store them safely in a cupboard where they won’t get ruined.

Unfortunately, you probably can’t do much to hide larger pieces of furniture, but smaller ones can easily be put away and replaced with your own. As long as the landlord’s items aren’t damaged or lost, the place is yours to rearrange. The landlord may even take away items you don’t want if you ask.

  1. No Waiting for Service Installation

Sometimes, you’ll be lucky enough to rent a place that already has cable TV, wi-fi, and a phone line installed. This cuts out so much time and effort on your behalf calling up companies, haggling for the cheapest deal, and then waiting for a serviceperson to show up and set up your facilities.

With furnished apartments, there’s none of this waiting around – everything is done for you. Some people have to wait for up to a month to get internet installed into their home… That can be a serious drag. A huge plus of renting a furnished home is that none of this will affect you – you can move in and resume life instantly.

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