How to Help Self-Empowered Real Estate Clients

Written by Posted On Thursday, 18 January 2018 17:52

Each of your real estate clients is unique, and you may track their desires and goals in different ways. When you use the best real estate CRM, you may be able to make notes in the system related to phone calls, voice messages, email follow-ups and more. You can also specify how motivated a client is to take action on is or her own.


Your notes on this matter can help you to determine how hands-on you should or should not be when trying to suggest properties or to otherwise serve the client. If you have a self-empowered client, you can make a number of excellent suggestions that can be helpful to your client throughout the real estate buying process.


Using Online Resources

The Internet is loaded with excellent tools and resources for real estate buyers. For example, your client can easily use the Internet to scour listings in the same way you would. While you could make suggestions about which homes may suit the client’s needs and budget, the client’s own effort to view the options on his or her own may streamline the process.


Because time is of the essence in a hot real estate market, this effort could potentially help the client to more quickly and easily get a contract on the right home. After all, missing out on a dream home can seem like a major setback to a buyer, and some may even view your efforts as a professional negatively if they miss out on the home that they really want because they failed to act as quickly as possible.


Solving Problems

While some real estate transactions are perfectly executed in textbook fashion, many require creativity and negotiations in order to ensure that all parties are happy. Real estate agents may assist with solving problems as part of the services they provide, clients can also feel empowered by researching information themselves.


This may include learning more about their legal rights, reviewing ways other people in the same situation reached a resolution and more. Empowered clients may be able to assist you with developing a negotiation strategy when problems arise. They may also be able to make a more educated decision when you present them with options. Altogether, this can help your clients to be more satisfied with your services and with the outcome of the transaction.


Exploring the Community

While buyers understandably want to find the right home at a great price, the importance of location should not be overlooked. Empowered clients may take excellent steps to research the community. You can learn a lot about the community by simply driving around it. You can also learn about crime rates, insurance rates, traffic statistics, major building or development plans and more that may affect the buying decision.


The Internet is a fabulous resource that you can use to supplement your own personal observations of the community during a site visit. Clients may also use mapping or imaging platforms to get a street view of the property or to see a satellite view of the area. These two benefits may help the customer to identify potential issues with a property up-front that may otherwise kill the deal down the road.


Self-empowered clients can seemingly be difficult for a real estate agent to work with. After all, these are clients who are knowledgeable and who know what they want, so you may not be able to control the situation as fully as you otherwise would be able to. However, self-empowered clients are sometimes better to work with because of their initiative and motivation to be self-sufficient throughout the process.


These may be clients who ultimately are easier to work with and who have a more streamlined real estate transaction. If you are working with a self-empowered client, consider making these various recommendations to your clients so that they can focus their time and effort in a productive manner throughout the process.

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