How to Get the Lowest Priced Mattress For Your New Home

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 23 January 2018 10:45

It’s time to get a new mattress when the old one develops a tilt or grows lumps, especially if you're moving to a newly built home and need your furnishings to match. Another sure sign it’s new mattress time is when the old one starts to smell like a nursing home or makes funny hissing noises when it’s being used. And finally, it’s definitely time for a new mattress when even the dog or cat refuse to lay on it anymore. So follow these savvy hints to procure the best deal on the best mattress for the best sleep:

Do a specific model online search

Forget about going store to store for a new mattress. Sophisticated online shoppers get the very best deals by googling specific mattress models, along with either the word “discount’ or ‘coupon.’ What comes up will be restricted to sale items for that particular brand and/or model. Then take a page from how lawyers prepare for a case, and do some ‘due diligence.’ In this case it means take some screen shots of the coupons and bargain offers, so if the online store merchant claims that particular sale or coupon offer is expired they can be shown proof positive that it was online at the time of purchase initiation. Never be shy about asking about free shipping, setup, and haul away. The worst that can happen is the dealer says “negatory.”

Not all retailer websites are created equal

There are thousands of bed in the box ecommerce websites that are anxious for new customers, so be patient and thorough in searching. If a site looks amateurish and uninformative, give it a pass. If it’s garish and pushy, keep looking. Whistles and bells don’t sell mattresses -- consumer confidence and good prices sell mattresses. Any online dealer who doesn’t ‘get’ that is not worth dealing with, no matter what kind of come-on they may be offering. The biggest mistake most new online mattress buyers make is to be sold on an unbelievable price, only to find out later than the shipping and handling costs are completely outrageous, or that shipping and handling are so bad that the new mattress takes forever to arrive. Always. Read. The. Fine. Print. Before. Buying.

Newsletters are good

Why would anyone want to sign up for a mattress’ store newsletter? Because many bed in the box stores offer significant discounts to those who do! Also, subscribers are privy to deals that non-subscribers never hear about. Once a new mattress is delivered and set up, it’s easy enough to unsubscribe.

Try an online chat

Sometimes the desired mattress brand is simply not offering any apparent online deals. Don’t give up -- it’s then time to start an online chat with a company representative. Once connected with a real person online, start asking about current discounts, upcoming sales and discounts, and don’t be afraid to get a little pushy by asking how much off for referrals, etc. Be cagey; never give them personal contact information unless and until a satisfactory deal is in the works.

Play the waiting game

When a deal is on the cusp of being struck online, close the browser, walk away, and forget about the whole thing for a week or two. This normally prompts automated emails from the mattress mavens anxiously inquiring if there is anything wrong -- and then sweetening the deal a little bit more to get an immediate response. Now it’s time to buy.

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