8 Inexpensive Tricks to Achieve a High-End Look

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A luxurious look need not come with a hefty price tag. Sometimes using certain materials in a smart unique way can maximize impact like you won’t believe.

If you’ve got a taste for the finer things in life but not really into spending too much, use any of our 8 inexpensive tricks to achieve a high-end look for your home below.

Go for Capiz Fixtures

Luxury Budget Ideas

Designers love using capiz shell as material for creating accessories, intricate sconces, and exquisite pendant lights. The subtle earth tones and iridescent swirls in the shell can elevate the beauty of any room it is added to.

Use Huge Mirrors

Luxury Budget Ideas2

Expansive mirrors bring in light and give the illusion of a bigger space, making everything look a lot more lavish. If you feel that huge mirrors are a bit more expensive than what you are willing to shell out, smaller mirrors installed to look like a huge piece will do the trick.

Try Gold Accents

Luxury Budget Ideas3

There’s something about gold that makes everything with a touch of it seem more decadent. You won’t even need to use gold leaf to add golden accents, a can of gold spray paint should be enough to add a bit of gold to some accent pieces in your home.

Live it Up with Large Art

Luxury Budget Ideas4

A large art piece exudes a commanding presence in a room. Be sure to invest in beautiful framing too, more so if the art work is rather plain.

Accessorize with Marble

Luxury Budget Ideas5

A marble cutting board in lieu of a marble counter top can achieve nearly the same feel and look of elegance without costing anywhere near as much. As for the dining room, a marble tray will achieve the same ambiance as though you have a marble table when paired with warm wood.

Invest in Single-Slab Backsplash

Luxury Budget Ideas6

A single-slab stone for a kitchen counter or a kitchen island counter will be quite costly, so better use this trick for a smaller area like the counter in your powder room that your guests will see and appreciate.

Spend for Statement Chandeliers

Luxury Budget Ideas7

A beautiful light fixture can be a room’s focal point, so it’s just logical to spend for it if you want to elevate the look and feel of an entire space. With this said, adding a chandelier in an unexpected space like the mudroom or the foyer can add distinction to your home.

Install a Stunning Tile Feature Wall

Luxury Budget Ideas8

A tile feature wall in a bathroom or powder room using beautiful marble can cost as low as $200. But what if you’ve got huge walls? Achieve the same by running a strip of feature tile accent from floor to ceiling. You can even use discounted stone tile or tile left from creating bigger installations. You can also go for an abstract mosaic if using discarded tiles.

Splurge in a beautiful luxury home and make it even more high-end by using the inexpensive design tricks above when making it your own. No one will know the difference except you (and us!).

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