5 Tips for Maintaining a Clean Home – Even with Young Kids!

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 31 January 2018 00:40

It’s no secret that keeping a spotless house with little ones around is almost an impossible task. No matter how many times you do the dishes, sweep the floors or try to de-clutter, mess after mess somehow piles up within minutes. In our house, this seems to be the case every day, no matter how hard you try.

This got us all thinking long and hard of a new strategy to maintain the appearance of a clean house even with a little one running around and getting into everything. We always look for housekeeping and cleaning blog to have some ideas that can help us maintain the cleanliness of our house even with young kiddos running around the house.

What we found out was that there are a few areas a mom can focus on to achieve this appearance.


Find Storage with Creative Designs

When you have young children, there are always some toys on the floor, and if you don't have a storage solution worked out, they will just congregate into little toy mountains scattered throughout your house.  Try to think of some ways you can creatively hide the toys. 


toy box


Have a Clean as you Go Policy

To stay on top of the mess, clean whatever you can, when you can.  If you have an extra minute, clear a clutter pile or some toys.  Keep the dirty dishes put away as you finish using them.  Do a quick wipe-down of the refrigerator while you are waiting for water to boil for dinner.  Doing little things here and there keeps your house from becoming a disaster area.


Allocate a Cleanup Time Every Day

When dinner is almost ready or just before bedtime, gather up everyone for a few minutes of straightening. Pick up everything that has been dragged out that day and put it away. It’s so quick and easy, and once you get in the habit, the messes are less overwhelming.


Designate a Clean Area

They don’t need to spread toys all over the house; the living room, dining room or even the parent’s bedroom can be a toy-free zone. Teach them not to take toys into that one room. Or if you don’t have that kind of space, then designate an area, like the coffee table or a countertop that is to stay clear of toys at all times.


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Let the Kids to the Work!

Mom or dad doesn’t need to do the entire cleanup around the house! Get the kids together to do a sweep of the house at least once a day with mom or dad as the director. He or she points while the kids pick it up and put it away. Messing up the house is a family activity and cleaning it should be the same. Cleaning together can be fun if mom or dad keeps their attitude cheerful and playful.


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The Bottom Line

Even if you only choose to do a couple of these things on the list you will see improvement in the neatness of the house. It will always look lived in, but with a few easy adjustments, your home can be a place your family can enjoy without feeling like it’s always messy.

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