First Time Home Buyer Mistakes You Should Avoid

Written by Posted On Friday, 02 February 2018 12:45

As a first time home buyer you tend to make some or all of the mistakes listed below!

Nr.1 - You look at homes without being Pre-approved first! Don't do it! I have seen it so many times when buyers believed they knew their FICO score , but they were Oh, so wrong! 

Talking to a lender won't cost you anything, and besides getting pre-approved gives you Power. If you find the home you love you can actually get in an offer and don't lose your Dream home to someone else that already got their paperwork ready. Don't you want to be ready?

Nr.2- Once you have an agent , you don't talk to your agent about your needs. You end up on Zillow,, open houses , Builders , etc...and you talk to them.. If you tell your agent Exactly what you need your agent will find the home you want , but if you change your mind constantly it will be a bit hard! Remember one thing, the listing agent at the open house works for the Seller -Not you, the builder agent at the beautiful  brand new model home -works for the Builder-not you....,and so on - Your agent works for You!

Want a Brand new home?- Take your Agent with you on your first visit to a builder and don't sign the purchase agreement prior to your agent looking it over. The builder's agent works for the builder- Not for you. and in order to get what the gorgeous brand new home has you will have to spend A Lot more money than you think, in order to get those upgrades. 

Also, Remember even one little thing you say can to the listing agent can hurt you when it comes to writing an offer! Keep the Power to get a good deal, don't give it away...

The buyer's agent has a duty to you , even though you don't pay him/her! They have , they should have your Best interest at heart! So don't be afraid to Talk to Your agent. A good agent will find what you need .

Nr.3- You are getting way too emotional! Remember- it is just a house , and the one that is meant for you- will be yours. By being too emotional you put more stress on yourself! 

Nr.4- You don't set aside enough money- you should have enough money for home inspections, appraisal, etc...closing costs- in case seller doesn't want to pay them and you really want the home. And also don't leave yourself House poor, not worth it.

Nr.5- You don't have a list of the most important things in a home - There isn't such a thinkg as perfect , unless you have a great load of money and you build it the way you want- My advice to you is take a pen and paper and write down 2-3 things that you MUST have, and if the home has it- you will be probably be happy with the home you choose..

That's it for today! 

Below is a video I made awhile ago mentioning the above mistakes, please watch it and subscribe for more videos. If you have Any Real Estate questions , don't hesitate to contact me by visiting , call 702.635-1105 or email me.

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First time Home Buyer Mistakes Lilly Ruiz Real Estate
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