Essential House Sale Preparation Tips

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Don't take for granted the importance of preparing your house for sale. Not only will the process add value to your property but it will attract more potential buyers giving you greater bargaining power and resulting in a faster sale.

Here are Essential Tips for House SalePreparation

1. Paint It

There is nothing quite like a new coat of paint to renew and rejuvenate a home. Remember to pay attention to the exterior, interior, ceilings, roof as well as perimeter walls and any other structures on the property. Doors, closets, cupboards and other fittings may also benefit from a lick of paint.Be a little circumspect on the color choice and select a scheme that is trendy but conventional. Currently, gray and white combinations are trending for interiors while white is still popular outdoors. If in doubt, stick with neutral colors.It is highly recommended to have the house expertly painted to give it a professional, clean and neatly finished look. It may also be a good idea to consult with an interior designer or decorator to assist with the color choice and different house painting techniques.

2. Clean, Clear And Refresh

Put on the rubber gloves, grab those brushes, sponges, cloths and detergents and clean the house from top to bottom. Pay special attention to door handles, light switches and electrical outlets as well as curtain rails, trims, blinds and window treatments. It may be a good idea to hire a professional cleaning crew to really clean in every nook and cranny.Clear out the clutter, store personal items and get rid of shabby, broken or old furniture items that just aren't nice to look at. A professional organizer can help to declutter the home. Family photos, children's drawings and other personal items can be packed away in a closet or boxed up for storage to give the home that show-house appeal. Use throws and covers to hide damage to furniture that you just don't want to get rid of.Air out the house and smell out any foul, nasty or musty odors. Deodorize fabrics and upholstery, set air fresheners on a timer or place floral bouquets around the home. Real estate agents swear by vanilla fragrances to turn browsers into buyers.

3. Light It Up

Make sure that every room is well lit and that all the lighting fixtures are operational and switched on for show days. Also allow as much natural light to flood the house as possible. This may mean trimming back some trees or bushes in the yard or even getting rid of them entirely to turn a dark dank space into an illuminated room.In rooms with small or no windows, hang drapes to create the appearance of windows. Place lamps and lighting fixtures in strategic areas to enhance the illusion of natural light. Mirrors can also be used to reflect and therefore improve lighting in certain areas of the home like dark passageways. Remember to ensure that kitchens and bathrooms are well lit.

4. Repair, Replace And Refit

Walk around the home as if you were a potential buyer and create a snag list of items that are in need of repair, replacement or refitting. These are normally small items that you have been meaning to get around to. If you don't have the time to get everything on your snag list completed by your first show day, get a handyman in to get the job done quickly.

5. Closets, Cupboards And Drawers

You can be absolutely certain that potential home buyers will be opening your closets, cupboards and drawers. So don't simply shove random items in these storage spaces in an effort to clear and declutter a room but pack and organize these areas just as you would the rest of the home. A professional home organizer can provide the necessary assistance or the items can be boxed up and placed in storage.

6. A Special Touch

There are certain special touches that can be added to a house to create a feeling of luxury and class. Think of what your favorite hotel room or suite looks like and copy some of the decorative elements. Place fluffy, folded towels next to the bath and a stack of washcloths next to the wash basin. A bowl of fruit as a centerpiece on a dining table or kitchen counter top can also be an attractive feature.Never underestimate the value of freshly cut flower arrangements but don't overdo it. Set out a jar of candy or a plate of freshly baked biscuits for potential buyers. Make an effort to make every stranger feel welcome in your home.

7. Create A Purpose

Empty rooms and spaces are less attractive to home buyers than those that have a purpose. Any room or space in the house that is currently not in use should be assigned a purpose. For example, an empty room can become a study, home office or craft and hobby area. A basement can be turned into a play or entertainment area. Place a chair and side table with a stack of books in an empty corner to fill up the space.Once again, it is important not to overdo it. Leave room for the imagination and allow viewers to think about other purposes for a room or space that will meet with their requirements for the ideal home to buy.

8. The Yard

A clean and tidy yard is absolutely essential and adding some landscaping features can be extremely attractive. Plant flowering shrubs and plants that add color and fragrance to the garden. Make sure that hedges and edges are neatly trimmed and weeds have been exterminated. Create paths and walkways to allow visitors to explore the garden. Make sure that large trees are cutback and that there are no branches overhanging the roof, gutters or creating to much shade in the yard. Place a bench in a strategic area to give the best view of the house from the outside. Each of these house sale preparation tips are easy to achieve alone and can be even simpler and more effective with some professional assistance.

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