List of Lakes in Oakland County to Buy a Home On

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Buying a lake home can be confusing.  I have had engineers who are so used to being able to analyze everything and then put a value on it try to do it with a lake home.  Oakland County lakefront homes are different than buying a home in a subdivision.  There are so many factors that enter into the pricing equation of a lake home.  The length of the lake frontage is a factor.  Right now in 2017 and 2018 you will notice that lake homes over a million dollars are selling if they have larger lake frontage.  Million dollar homes with less lake frontage are sitting unsold.  Usually the larger the lot the more expensive the lake home is, but there is no set dollar figure for lake frontage.  It even varies from lake to lake.  On lake homes walkout basement square footage comes into play because walkout basements are used as entertaining areas in a lake home.  The lake bottom whether it is sandy or mucky determines price too.  Mucky bottom lake front homes just do not sell as quick or for as much money.  Stunning lake views help sell a home.  Sometimes when a lakefront house sits on a hill over looking the lake it has tremendous views that buyers love.

  There are so many different types of Oakland County Lakes.  Here is a complete list of lakes in Oakland County Michigan.  I have tried to do a page on so many of the different lakes.  Some are really small ponds but others are big all sports lakes.  I try to give you a glimpse of what the lakes are like, the lakefront homes you will find on the lake, the lake depth and other important information that will help you pick the perfect lake for you and your family.  I hope this helps you make a sound decision when buying your next waterfront home.

If you are a lake home seller in the metro Detroit you may want to know what lakefront property has sold in for in the last year.  I have also gone back a year or two on the recent sold homes. That way you can at least see a trend in our local real estate market.  It is very important to see the latest sold homes on your lake.  Many sellers listen to the national news and think if the national real estate market is going up that our local lake prices are going up.  Unfortunately it is not like that.  Real estate is local.  We can have a hot real estate market in Novi and it can be slow in Highland, or Belleville.  Home sellers like yourself need to know that.  Otherwise you may be overpricing your home, or hanging onto your home too long.

Pine Lake West Bloomfield MI

These indepth pages on our local lakes will give you lake depths and sizes.  You will be able to find out about some of the lake regulations and the water source.  I try to give you information whether the lake has a ski course or whether it is private or has DNR access.  I hope these pages on our Southeastern Michigan lakes help you sort out what type of lake you want.  You may want to be in a subdivision lake because you do not want to live next door to a crummy house.

I try to identify whether the local lakes are private or public with DNR access.  To some waterfront home buyers that is very important.  Some lake home buyers only want a private lake.  I have driving around the lakes, talked to home owners and sold homes on quite a few of the local lakes.  I like to share what I know about the lakes whether they have sandy bottoms or whether the lake is mucky.  If the lake is more like a subdivision I write about that too.  

But most importantly I take pictures when even I show a house on a lake, take pictures of the lakes when I have a listing.  I try to show the activities on the lake.  After all that is what you want to know about.  What can you do on the lake?  What makes this Oakland County Lake the best lake for you and your family. 

Williams Lake Waterford Michigan

After all most lake home buyers live in these homes for many years.  Lake homes have a lower turnover than say a home in a subdivision.  Sometimes lake homes are handed down from generation to generation.  So I want you to understand the lake.  I try to show the lake as it really is.  

When you go to buy any home in Southeastern Michigan I always recommend stopping and talking to the neighbors. I also recommend you to visit the neighborhood at different times of the day.  If possible maybe somebody on the lake will give you ar ride around the lake.  So pick out the lakes you like on my list of lakes in Oakland County Michigan.        

  Good luck and if you need a good lake realtor to help you out give us a call (248) 310-6239.

Big Lake in Davisbug Michigan

Bogie Lake in White Lake MI

Brendel Lake in White Lake MI

Bridge Lake in Clarkston Michigan

Buckhorn Lake in Lake Orion MI

Carroll Lake in Commerce Michigan

Cass Lake in Waterford Michigan

Cedar Island Lake in White Lake MI

Chalmers Lake in Bloomfield MI

Charlick Lake in Highland MI

Clam Lake in Waterford Michigan

Clark Lake in Commerce Michigan

Commerce Lake in Commerce MI

Cooley Lake in White Lake Michigan

Cranberry Lake in White Lake MI

Crosby Lake in Clarkston MI

Cross Lake in West Bloomfield MI

Crystal Lake in Pontiac Michigan

Darb Lake in West Bloomfield MI

Deer Lake in Clarkston Michigan

Dixie Lake in Clarkston MI

Dow Lake in Orchard Lake Michigan

Duck Lake in Highland Michigan

Duck Lake in Orion MI

Dunleavy Lake in Highland MI

Eagle Lake in Waterford Michigan

Elizabeth Lake in Waterford MI

Elkhorn Lake in Orion Michigan

Fiddle Lake in Waterford MI

Fish Lake in Rose Michigan

Flanders Lake in West Bloomfield MI

Foley Lake in White Lake MI

Forest Lake in Bloomfield Hills Michigan

Fox Lake in Commerce Michigan

Geneva Lake in Waterford MI

Gilbert Lake in Bloomfield MI

Grass Lake in White Lake Michigan

Green Lake in West Bloomfield MI

Greens Lake in Clarkston Michigan

Hammond Lake in West Bloomfield MI

Harvey Lake in Highland Michigan

Heather Lake in Orion Michigan

Hidden Lake in Brighton MI

Highland Lake in Highland Michigan

Huff Lake in Highland Michigan

Huntoon Lake in Waterford MI

Indianwood Lake in Orion Michigan

Island Lake in Bloomfield MI

Island Lake in Novi Mi

Judah Lake in Orion Michigan

Kellogg Lake in Highland MI

Knoblock Lake in Highland Michigan

Lake Angelus in Lake Angelus MI

Lake Neva in White Lake Michigan

Lake Oakland in Waterford MI

Lake Ona in White Lake Michigan 

Lake Orion in Orion Michigan

Lake Sherwood in Commerce MI

Lakeville Lake in Addison Michigan

Leonard Lake in Highland MI

Lester Lake in Waterford Michigan

Little Cedar Lake in Orion MI

Loon Lake in Waterford MI

Loon Lake in Wixom Michigan

Lotus Lake in Waterford MI

Lower Long Lake in Bloomfield Michigan

Lower Straits Lake in Commerce MI

Maceday Lake in Waterford Michigan

Mandon Lake in White Lake MI

Manito Lake in Orion MI

Mead lake in White Lake Michigan

Middle lake in Clarkston MI

Middle Straits Lake in West Bloomfield Michigan

Mill Lake in Orion Michigan

Minnow Lake in Bloomfield MI

Mirror Lake in Bloomfield Hills Michigan

Mohawk Lake in Waterford Michigan

Morgan Lake in Waterford MI

Morris Lake in West Bloomfield MI

Murray Lake in Highland MI

Orchard lake in Orchard Lake Michigan

Otter Lake in Waterford Michigan

Oxbow Lake in White Lake MI

Peninsula Lake in Highland MI

Pine Lake in West Bloomfield Michigan

Pleasant Lake in Waterford Michigan

Pontiac Lake in White Lake MI

Reed Lake in White Lake MI

Round Lake in White Lake Michigan

Schoolhouse Lake in Waterford MI

Scott Lake in Waterford Michigan

Silver Lake in Waterford Michigan

Sodon Lake in Bloomfield MI

Softwater Lake in Clarkston MI

Square Lake in Bloomfield Michigan

Square Lake in Orion MI

Stison Lake in White Lake MI

Stonewater Subdivison Lakes in Northville Michigan

Sugden Lake in White Lake Michigan

Susin Lake in Clarkston MI

Sylvan Lake in Waterford Michigan

Taggett Lake in Highland Michigan

Tomahawk Lake in Highland MI

Tommy's Lake in Orion MI

Townsend Lake in Clarkston Michigan

Tull Lake in White Lake MI

Union Lake in West Bloomfield Michigan

Upper Pettibone Lake in Highland Michigan

Upper Silver Lake in Waterford MI

Upper Straits Lake in Orchard Lake MI

Van Norman Lake in Waterford Michigan

Vooheis Lake in Orion MI

Wabeek Lake in Bloomfield MI

Walled Lake in Walled Lake MI

Walnut Lake in West Bloomfield Michigan

Walters Lake in Clarkston Michigan

Watkins Lake in Waterford MI

Waumegah Lake in Clarkston Michigan

White Lake in White Lake MI

Williams Lake in Waterford Michigan

Wing Lake in Bloomfield MI

Wolverine Lake in Wolverine Lake Village Michigan

Woodhull Lake in Waterford MI

Woodruff Lake in Highland Michigan

Wormer Lake in Waterford MI

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