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Planning to buy a house? Three Quick Tips:

Written by Posted On Sunday, 18 February 2018 14:47

Three Quick Tips: 

1. Research the Neighborhood and take a drive: If you are planning to buy, make sure you start researching potential neighborhoods. Don't wait until you're out viewing houses with your Realtor®, although he or she is definitely a resource to draw on as the resident expert, you have a lot of homework to do before then. In today's digital age we tend to take for granted the Sunday Drive our parents used to take us on, especially stopping on your way for a quick gelato or milkshake. Make a shortlist, find out about the local attractions and amenities, and make a short itinerary. You might find special nuances that don't translate on to a digital format, like neighborhood children playing together, dog lovers taking them for a leisurely walk, or ducks waddling on by. So get the kids in the car and take a ride!

2. Reach out to a REALTOR® or Mortgage Officer: These are your most powerful resources to draw on during the home buying process. Some may feel that they need to make some kind of a commitment before they can pick the minds of their local experts, however this is not true for most Realtors. Any REALTOR® worth their salt are more then willing to take your call and answer some preliminary questions you may just be burning to ask. The same applies to Mortgage Officers; they can be a great resource to draw on concerning your financial questions. If you're not sure about a particular answer don't be afraid to reach out to a couple different candidates and confirm what you may have read online. These are great resources to draw on in the planning stages of the home buying process and will keep you in the loop regarding Real Estate news, statistics, reports, and more.

3.  Write down your needs and must haves: Even though you know what your needs are and can easily sum up the pros and cons, it is essential to write them down. After the third house you will find that it is very easy to forget which house met your needs as every house has it's own array of attraction. It is also easy to get enticed and entertain the idea of a more spacious house, more updates, more land, or prettier gardens; however, knowing what your absolute must haves and budget is helps curb potential heartache. Take your list with you whenever you schedule a showing with your REALTOR®, check the boxes that it satisfies and leave remarks for other details that may concern you. Lastly, it may be a good idea to keep a journal of each home, how it made you feel, what it looked like, how your family might enjoy living there and what attractions the neighborhood boasts.

Sincerely, your resident REALTOR®

Carel Bosman - Keller Williams Memorial 

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