4 Condo Staging Tips to Sell Before Summer

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 21 February 2018 06:35

Realtors and owners trying to sell condos in today's market will find that a lot of people are searching for condos. Yes, some people do prefer the low-maintenance of a condo, and selling them on a property means staging the condo properly.

Potential buyers want to envision themselves living in a home – not the other family living in the home.

Staging requires a bit of effort and time, but it will help sellers offload their properties before the summer rush begins.

Staging for success can be done with these simple tips:

1. Start with the Basics

The basics are the most important part of staging. A messy home is not one that people want to live in. You need to have a home free of clothes and items strewn on the floor. The home needs to be neat, and this means:

  • Laundry put away

  • Condo blinds washed and/or dusted
  • Dishes done and kept out of rooms

The key most important thing is to tidy up the room every day. Make the beds, put the dishes away and make sure that clothes never touch the floor. If you do this, it will be much easier to sell your condo.

2. Pictures of the Area

I wouldn't recommend keeping pictures of your family up on the walls or even in frames on the end tables. You need to make sure that the potential owner can picture themselves living in the home.

One neat trick is to use pictures of the surrounding area to your advantage. JP Real Estate does this perfectly, showing pictures of the area to sell the location.

If you live near the beach, that's a major selling point. A picture of the views or the local beach placed on your mantle may help convert a sale.

3. Shower Curtains Matter

Yes, even shower curtains matter when staging a home. You want to have a new shower curtain, especially in bathrooms that have smaller spaces. Large, beautifully designed walk-in showers will speak of their own beauty.

If you have a small bathroom with an enamel tub, use a shower curtain to brighten up the space.

The curtain can be accented with:

  • Fresh flowers (a must around the house)

  • White linens

  • Air freshener

Make the shower look and feel like a shower a person wants to be in.

4. Magazines Help a Lot

You don't want to make the condo feel cramped or look messy, but you do want it to have a personality. Magazines help bring attention to countertops and tables, and this is done tactfully.

Placing magazines in the right places means:

  • On the coffee table

  • Near the phone in the kitchen

If you live in an area known for tourism, waterfalls or some other natural beauty, you'll also want to bring this out with magazines. For example, using Myrtle Beach, you may have a magazine showing the nicest beaches in the area.

Make the magazines add to the allure of the local area and showcase the area's best in entertainment.

Staging properly can sell a home much faster, and if you're stuck on the staging process, you can hire a professional to help.

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