Great Things To Know About Moving To Cincinnati

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Great Things To Know About Moving To Cincinnati

Great Things To Know About Moving To Cincinnati

Having lived in Cincinnati for over a decade now I know about picking up and moving to a new location very well. Moving is never an easy task and finding out about your new community can be challenging without having ever lived in the particular area. Rest assured that Cincinnati has plenty to offer for anyone who is looking to move here. As one of the best real estate agents in Cincinnati, Ohio I have come to learn my way around the area very well and am sure those moving here will enjoy what it has to offer. While there are many reasons for moving to Cincinnati, Ohio I recap some of the very best reasons here for your consideration.

Housing Affordability In Cincinnati

Cincinnati ranked at number 15 of one of the most affordable housing markets in the United States by Forbes magazine. Whether you are looking for a starter home, luxury home, something close to the water or an investment property the prices you will pay for such a home in the Cincinnati area will be much lower than in areas like Chicago, New York, Dallas, or many other cities.

Cincinnati has brand new construction 2-3 bedroom homes starting in the $150,000 and up price range. Existing 2000 square foot 3-4 bedroom quality homes can be purchased in one of the many Cincinnati neighborhoods in the $150,000 to $200,000 price range. Whether you want to find a starter home in one of the many communities in Greater Cincinnati or are looking for an ultra-premium luxury home you will be able to find what you are looking for.


Cincinnati has a number of Fortune 500 companies who represent some of the biggest and best employers in the area. The health and medical care industry not only represents some of the top employers by employee count in the area the medical treatment service is also great in Cincinnati. Whether you prefer a large employer or want to work in some smaller operations there are plenty of employers with all sorts of hiring in any specialty you can think of.


Cincinnati has a strong and vibrant community with plenty of options for meeting and getting to know your new city. Whether you are into arts and museums or enjoy the night life with live music Cincinnati has all that and more. Riverboat tours, community based sports leagues, dancing, and more are all at close hand where you can enjoy yourself and meet some of the great residents of this city.

Food Paradise

Cincinnati is a true food paradise for those who truly enjoy the dining experience. Of Open Table’s top 100 restaurants three were located in Ohio and all three of those are in Cincinnati.  If less fancy dining is more your thing there are plenty of options for that as well. From the top nationally rated barbecue restaurant Eli’s BBQ to Terry’s Turf Club which was featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives you have plenty of options to choose from.

The Ohio River

Clocking in at 451 miles the Ohio River has plenty to bring those in who are interested in enjoying some time on the water. Whether you want to take a dinner riverboat cruise, watch the fireworks over the water or enjoy your own boating experience you can on the Ohio River. The river not only allows plenty of on water activities to keep you busy but feel free to walk riverside in one of the many parks close to the river or watch the sunset over the water from either the Ohio or Kentucky side.

Recreation & Entertainment

The entertainment and recreation options in Cincinnati will keep you busy for a long time to come and then some. Whether you want to golf at one of the great golf courses in Cincinnati or want to watch professional sports such as the Reds or Bengals playing there are places for you to go and do that. Watch the games live at the stadium or catch games being played all over the world at your local sports bars. Speaking of bars Cincinnati has a great beer scene with many small independent brewers who are making highly rated beers you are sure to enjoy. Looking for something more refined then be sure to check out the few stops on the Kentucky bourbon trail that are just located a few minutes south of Cincinnati in Northern Kentucky.

Ready To Move To Cincinnati?

As Cincinnati was named number 8 in best places in the world to visit in 2018 by The New York Times it might be time to schedule an initial visit before the final move or just visit to check out what all the hype is about. When you are ready to move feel free to reach out to me to get any advice or tips you may need as depending on what you are looking for there are a number of areas that can meet your needs and keep you happy for a long time to come.

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