How to get instant Facebook likes with the following strategies?

Written by Posted On Monday, 26 February 2018 03:46

How to get instant Facebook likes with the following strategies?

Don't you have a large budget to promote your Facebook page and get more likes? No problem. With the help of these tips, you will be able to increase the visibility of your page and get a larger number of likes, without having to spend one single dollar.

1. Tell your friends

You've probably read this for a million times, but unfortunately many don’t use this tactic in order not to bother your friends. In addition, you don’t even know half of your Facebook friends so well that you know what are their interests. But, these are ways to do this without begging them for like:

Write the status on your profile, to inform your friends about your page and briefly explain the purpose of it and what content will be posted on it. Of course, at the end, invite them to like the page and make sure you included the link to your page in your status.

The people who are interested in the content on the site will surely like it. The one thing you can do is to publish this status several times in a few days, to make more views from your friends. At the same time, ask your close friends to like your status so that it will appear in the news feed as much as your friends.

2. Promote yourself on other Facebook pages

Find Facebook pages that have fans which might be interested in your page. It doesn’t have to be a competitive site.

In case you have a similar number of fans, where it would be enough for you to promote them and they promote you, you have to offer something that fans of that pages will be interesting and from which they will benefit. For example, there may be different coupons and promotions or unique content that you have created.

3. Post a link to your Facebook group

This is very simple and effective, and many people forget to do this. Places to place links/icons that will lead visitors to your group:

-    On your private profile, put the name of your group in the job section. Make sure they can click on the text

-    Icon on your website

-    Like box on your website

-    How many emails are you sending weekly? Put a link to your group in an email signature

4. Make your content interesting

You have to keep in mind that the content you post on your site is interesting and gives a certain value to your fans. In addition to what you post on your page in terms of content, it’s very important what kind of content you share, whether it is an image, video, text or link.

Here are some tips:

-    Posts with less than 80 characters have a 23% greater interaction

-    The use of emoticons increases the number of comments by 33%

-    Posts in which you ask questions, increase the number of comments for 100%

-    Quotations increase the number of likes by 26% and the number of shares by 19%.

-    Images have 39% more interaction than posts without it.

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