8 tips to save money on your car insurance

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The insurance sector is very competitive, so we must be very attentive to contract our policy at the best possible price and with the coverage that best suits our needs. If you have to renew the insurance of the car or you must hire a new one, here are ten tips for you to choose the optimal option.

1. Compare

First of all, it is essential to carry out market research work. You have to consult the proposals made by the different insurers and compare them in price and coverages. This task that a priori can be laborious, it is not at all thanks to the internet. There are several web pages that perform this operation for us and offer us the result in a matter of seconds.

2. Renew or cancel

The car insurance contracts are annual. A couple of months before the expiration is recommended to carry out the aforementioned comparison of products to see if there is any better market. If so, you can negotiate with your insurance an improvement of the conditions in the renewal or directly change a company.

3. All risk with franchise

The full risk coverage is the most expensive, so you can assess the possibility of hiring it with a franchise to lower the price. This means that, in case of having an incident, the insured agrees to pay the part agreed and the company pays the rest. This option is appropriate, for example, for people who use the vehicle little.

4. Coverages, the jousts

It is convenient to analyze in each case what are the real needs of the person who hires the insurance. It is absurd to pay more unnecessarily. For example, if the vehicle is several years old and, in addition, it is parked in a garage, an option to lower the price is to dispense with the theft coverage and choose basic third party insurance.

5. Fractional payment or annuity

In some companies, it is more advantageous to make the $20 down payment car insurance of the premium in a single annuity than to divide it. Before signing the contract consult these conditions to avoid surprises.

6. The importance of experience and the file

One of the risk factors that companies consider is the age of the insured and the age of their driver's license. The younger the borrower and the fewer years of the card, the higher the insurance price will be. Likewise, companies penalize drivers who have had mishaps or have been sanctioned for traffic infractions. Thus, being an exemplary driver has its bonus.

7. Payment for use

Motorists who use their car very little or meet a series of very specific requirements can find offers among the use-by-use insurances, which are calculated according to the driving habits of the policyholder, the hours at which he travels, the type of road he usually travels or the speed at which he travels.

8. Group insurance

Another way to save is to negotiate with the company a reduction in the price for hiring some other insurance such as home, health or life

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