Dow-key: World's Largest Manufacturer Company of RF Switches

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Welcome to the world of Largest Manufacturers of RF Switches - The only name Dow-Key.

Dow-Key is well-renowned manufacturers of high-quality RF switches all over the USA. We are a company who is qualified in electrochemical RF switching and RF and fiber optic switching. Whether there is operational radio frequency switch or the manufacturing of microwave switches, we are today in the market due to our skills, quality and qualified engineers and staff.

We provide RF and microwave switching solutions for different industries of life including test & measurement equipment, military & space applications and the ATE systems. Our primary goal is to back the fastest growing communication networks. We offer cost-effective RF switch matrices and Coaxial Switches with low insertion and high isolation. We are in this market for more than a decade and providing great working switching solutions to different organizations and supporting emerging technologies with wireless communication networks.

So whatever your industry is, you always need to trust someone who can provide you secure switching solution for your industry. We at Dow-key Microwave offers a large variety of switching types including waveguide switches, T-switches, coaxial switches, Hi-rel switches, and other switching systems such as integrated PXI modules, RF matrices (electromechanical, solid state and fiber optics). What else may someone need? Well, if you are looking for the custom switch designing service, then surely you are at the right place!

Now you can contact us for all your world’s fast-paced communication industry needs custom switching designs at affordable prices and by professionals.  

So let’s have a look at different kinds of switching solutions by Dow-key.

  • •Coaxial Switches

The kind of switching that uses in signal routing applications where a very high frequency, high power and even great RF performances needed is called coaxial switches. We at Dow-key cheer you because now you are going to get the most cost-effective coaxial switches service with Dow-key. If you want

  • •Waveguide Switches

Waveguide switches are specially designed to operate in the high-temperature environment. However, it offers with very good isolation and insertion loss. These switches can be used for airborne application where the weight is the most critical factor. Dow-key offers lightweight waveguide switches that perfectly fit with its extremely low weight. These are the electromagnetic switches with a hollow circular cross-section. A perfect use of these switches can be observed in routing RF energy in microwave communication, in radar application and broadcasting. Moreover, these switches can be used for transferring power as well as communication signals.

Note: The waveguide bandwidth is in relation to size so it’s always better to refer to size like WR112, WR 75 etc.

  • •Low PIM Switches

However, there is no such switch that can meet the quality and power performance of PIM switches offer by Dow-Key Company. We have been providing high-quality low PIM microwave switches for many years and still continues to lead the industry.

Now you can choose low PIM switches at Dow-key for the better performance for your critical application. There is number of PIM switch available you can choose according to your requirement. These switches specially design to meet the lowest PIM performance level.

  • •Space Qualified Switches

We other than RF switches provide top quality space qualified switches. No doubt we have been one of the most leading suppliers of space products and we are delivering the best space hardware ranging from the basic switch to fully integrated switch blocks. We have dedicated staff of engineers and technicians, make everything possible for excellent performance. We are one of the names in the market that offer you high quality and also reliability for operated and non-operated space vehicles.

  • •Solid State Matrices

However, along with other switching options, the Dow-Key company also offers the solid state 50-ohm/75-ohm matrix range. This range offers us a great range of input/output configurations. These configurations, however, start at 8x8 and then all goes way up 128x128. Similarly, if you are looking for other configuration. Then there may be available with contact to Dow-key.

  • •Fiber Optic Matrices

We also offer a great quality fiber optic matrices. These switches are specially designed to have an end-to-end connection with digital AV signal transmission as well as routing over fiber cable. However, the high speed and performance fiber optic switches allow the M number input fiber to any other contact number with N completely non-blocking way.  

However, if you need any kind of RF switching and other, then you need to contact famous switch manufacturing company-The Dow-key microwave corporation.

Do you need high quality and reliable RF Switch?

If you are looking for the most advanced RF switches solution, then we have Dow-Key’s engineering team who is ready to provide all kind of solutions for RF system integration.

The company has skilled technicians who are specialized in planning and manufacturing switches. We have years of experience and this is something that makes us different from others. Their years of experience enable them to structure and manufacture customized switching solutions as per specifications and meet all the switching needs. Whether do you need signal switching, foremost or matrix solution, we have everything good and up to mark. We offer the most cost-effective switching solutions!

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